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By Iron and Blood

By Iron and Blood - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 5

I'm running a military campaign set in an alternate universe, with a heavy dose of urban fantasy. Character, intrigue, and plot are important, but there many opportunities to get shot, have your arm bitten off, or be instantly obliterated by powerful arcane forces.

The game will start with your arrival at your new station and continue from there. Characters must be soldiers in the Iron Legion, aka Legionnaires. Picture growing up in Germany during the early 1930's for your characters' past, except with more fascist totalitarianism, monastic orders of magical knights, secret occult societies, and clockwork overseers.

The story isn’t always a happy one. The theme is dark, so be sure to bring a flashlight.

I'm aiming for 4 or 5 people. You’ll be joining in with a few long time players for added goodness.

Current Applications

Game Description:

A story of a squad of soldiers.

An enigma shrouded in mystery

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Who boy, testimonials time. By Iron and Blood is an awesome story, it has been active for for over a year at this point. We have seen a complex story develop and characters enriched, but there also seems to be a never ending supply of direction for the story to develop. New player and old are always experiencing something new.

The story is harsh, do not expect things to be easy. People have died, quite often came very close to death. Entire towns and military bases have been blinked from existence. The scope of conflict is vast and can feel overwhelming, but with a bit of camaraderie you can hold on to the hope to see a new dawn.

The mechanics are simple to follow and GM and veteran players will be available to help new members make it into the game. The activity is high, so expect your interaction with the story to be returned. And I won't deny that even during high activity it can still feel like it isn't enough, because the story is that engrossing.

I look forward to the new players and I hope you will look forward to this unique and engaging story.

I play Lucian Weiß master alchemist and field medic. I was the first veteran player to die, but I cured that little hiccup. I'm an extremely inquisitive person who can often be found sketching in field journals, or shaking every speck of dust from my uniform after tussling with a daemon. In combat I am slightly reckless favoring a magically imbued rapier or a single shot breech load pistol with alchemical ammunition. When the real trouble starts expect me to undertake often drastic changes after quaffing a personally crafted elixir, results vary. You will always see me patching folks up after a battle, more often than not I'm what makes sure you make it to your next injury. I'm a proud patron of my own talents as well, having been burned, cut, shot, crushed, shredded, broken and obliterated, you know I have to keep my skills keen. I have a strong sense of moral correctness, however this does not always mesh with what we are told is right (law) verse what must be done to ensure justice. Duty for me is held in a higher office than most other soldiers.

I've played with Notion GMing for years across four different forums in several different campaigns. I'm not sure why(I'm not sure by which criteria to judge the art of GMing post-by-post RPGs. Dedication, creativity, flexibility? Notion is in abundance of all three, most certainly. On that note, Notion's abilities and dedication is probably the best example of GMing as an art that I've experienced.), but it's been worth it and I've certainly enjoyed it.

I play Squire Thomas Sangers, the grandson of By Iron And Blood's Neil Armstrong. His grandfather's shadow lingers over him and he's quite torn between doing good, following the status quo, and doing what needs to be done(All three not necessarily overlapping!). He's an eternal optimist and (Occasionally obnoxiously) chivalrous and patriotic. And, for the good part: Abilities, specialties, and duty in the team: In combat, he's a sneaky sharpshooter and back-up medic, but outside of combat, he continues to be a cunning and resourceful engineer and man of science.

Played with the bad guys a big in your campaign before hand. Love to play the side of good.

I apologize for the lackluster conclusion. The good guys have always enjoyed the vast majority of my attention.

Summary of currently active players, character name, basic archetypes and primary roles.

Loftydreamer, Lucian Weiß, Compassionate and Daemon Chew Toy, Field Medic and Alchemist/Potion Maker
ChronicLunacy, Kasimir Albrecht, Rigid and Dutiful, Leader and Orator
Telicis, Viktor Milakov, Reserved and Insightful, Tactician and Marksman
Boromeer3, Thomas Sanger, Slightly Crazy and Famous By Birth, Squire and Rogue

Outside of the fact that I feel like the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system was one of the best thought up stat systems of all time, I've never seen such high praise of a DM of a pbp game. Color me super interested. Tomorrow being football day and me being exhausted right now I expect to have an app up in the next 48 hours. I hope that isn't too long.

Originally Posted by Notion View Post
I apologize for the lackluster conclusion. The good guys have always enjoyed the vast majority of my attention.
Well it was fun while it lasted; not often do you get to portray the genius cannibal.

However playing a holy warrior suits me far better these days.

Put me down as very interested. Love the premise. Looks like you could use a strongman/bruiser type. Will begin working on it Sunday night.

Name: Gerald Ekkehardt


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