A Year in the Dark

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A Year in the Dark

A Year in the Dark - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

A (freaking long) D&D 3.5 game that will begin at level 1 and proceed for as long as posts continue (possibly level 20 if everyone is loyal enough) As such, only apply if you are truly interested and truly willing to commit to a long game.

I have just about every 3.5 supplement in existence and I am not averse to custom content, however any attempts at cheese will fail, I make broken characters in my spare time for fun, I know how they work, please don't try to slip anything past me, it won't work.

So, warning aside, I'm willing to work with you for interesting characters, and most any supplement will be allowed; however, to make this easier on me (I do have a life, and it takes time I would rather not spend looking things up for you) if a character uses something outside of the standard SRD, please label the source and page number of it.

Give me a rough build concept for your character, what feats you would like to take, what spells/powers you're building around, things of that sort. You cannot assume that you will have access to specific magic items unless you can craft them yourself.

Let me know what you've got, post your characters in the game forum.

Game Description:

You suddenly awake in a small room; you have no recollection of arriving here--wherever here is. After several long moments you realize the sounds you hear are those of an inn, and you climb out of bed to face the strange place. Your belongings are in a chest at the foot of the bed, all entirely intact and untouched. As you walk into the common room, you see a myriad number of people that seem to be from every possible aspect of life. There a man dressed in the robes of a wizard, there an Orc arguing with the barmaid, in the corner a small group of gnomes gathered around a warforged.
"Oi, the new one woke up!" You can't tell who called out, but most everyone's attention soon focuses on you. "Welcome stranger, looks like you're our latest arrival," the speaker is a rather portly old dwarf. His beard is a strange metallic silver, and his eyes gleam a nearly golden brown, "welcome to the bottomless flagon, make yerself comfortable, ye will likely be here for a long while. Some of the folk in here've been for almost a year."
Seeing the confusion evident on your face, he chuckles, "it ain't called the bottomless flagon for no reason, the gods themselves maintain this place, ye should find it comfortable enough a place until we find out why you're all here."
"Me? I run the inn."

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Stats will be 30 point buy, no exceptions.
+LA races are not allowed, no exceptions.
Fractional BAB and saves are also in place.
To improve feat gain, characters gain a feat every other level instead of every 3 levels.
Races are all improved as per Pathfinder rules found here: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/races.html (if you want to play a race not listed here, contact me and I will tell you its new stats, we have re-statted nearly every playable race in all the MMs to fall into line with these ones)

Posting Interest. Not sure as what yet, and wish I had my Very unique Prestige Class built up. (If you can Call a 20 lvl prestige class that doesn't allow multyclassing once taken, perion, a prestige class. If interested on concept, and in possibly helping, PM me and I will get a thread up.) Few questions. First, are variant races allowed? Second, Would having a lord, As from a master samurai, allow one to buy Magic Items through the lord?

Edit: Will epic lvl be allowed if loyalty was there? Want to know so I can think of build

You will not be able to purchase or otherwise gain specific items once the game begins.
In the interest of being a kindly GM, I will be asking players for items they would be interested in having and possibly having them turn up as loot, but I make no promises.

Variant races are possible, you will have to give me a good argument and it will of course be dependent on its balance/cheesiness.

RE: epic... if we actually get that far, I'm totally for it, but I really don't expect that will happen. This is a LONG game, and you won't level all that quickly necessarily, so I really don't expect that will become an issue.

Before I choose, is there any wildlife outside of the Inn? Thinking of a Dessert elf. The other question is where is the 2nd +2 going to be put. As an elf following those rules gets 2 +2s.

This looks intriguing. I like the mystery of not knowing any of what's going on too. I'm thinking a druid of some sort. More to come after going through my books and such.

Hrm... seems like a good a place to bring back Fintan as any.

I suppose this is interest and a request for review of my Duelist PrC to see if it's acceptable.

Kender is disallowed as per Things You are Not Allowed to do While Gaming.

The Desert elf would have a +2 int same as standard elves.
As for the Inn, you can't actually leave, there is no door.

Druid is fine, should work in nicely.

I'll look over your duelist PRC and hopefully let you know soon.

I would like to post interest as a exiled halfling warlock


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