Dresden Files Baltimore needs 2 more players.

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Dresden Files Baltimore needs 2 more players.

Dresden Files Baltimore - Forum
Dresden Files
Estimated Members Requested: 1


Game Description:

OK, this is the first time I will run a Dresden Files game so bear with me if I make a mistake or two. Here's what I have so far:

The city of Baltimore, as described in the Dresden Files books. Something new is brewing and the resident supernaturals are about to get a few nasty surprises.

Character Building
Submerged for points. Some of you have met in the past (ties through guest starring) but not necessarily know eachother well. Current relationships are up to you. You must all have some sort of ties or stake in the city of Baltimore (can't have the heroes decide to flee in the face of danger).

Campaign premise
Halloween has come and gone and the city has recently underwent a few upheavals after a showdown between a certain ancient ghoul sorcerer and a cabal of small-fish warlock newcomers. The ghoul's forces won and the city is slowly returning to the status quo. However, during the chaos of the past week, other players have begun making moves into the city; Summer presence is increasing, there seems to be a strong White Court vampire targeting young people in campus and there are whispers of some recent abductions of small-time practitioners. It would seem that a new major supernatural event is slowly approaching...


Yeah, we currently have a melee character, a guns/unkillable character and a "rogue". We need one wizard and one more character.

Power level is submerged.

Any space for a 'Wouldn't-Be-Denarian Sorceror'? (technically with the wizard template, but without the training or connections of a Council member, and with a fallen angel's 'shadow' riding shotgun on his life and tempting him with seemingly-easy solutions to his problems)

Hmm.... perhaps a nerdy young wizard (sorcerer?), majoring in folklore at Hopkins, who knew one of the White Court's victims and is involved in the local Para-net?

Thinking I might throw in either a wizard with a craftsmanship specialty or a Venatori agent.

I have a question: How deep into the series are you going? Will it have occurred at all? Will it ever?

Harry Dresden is dead and the world is in upheaval. Baltimore has been largely unaffected because it had few Reds and Wizards.

Cool. At what point did he die? Before Storm Front? Or during a particular book?

I'm asking because I'm thinking that, depending on where in the series it happens, Winter may very well need a new Knight...


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