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Mendenheim Detective Agency

Mondenheim Detective Agency - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Ravenloft
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Expect a lot of mystery mixed in with the horror. This is as much about figuring out what is going on as about killing lycanthropes, banishing ghosts and dealing with red widows. If you short shift the investigations you may wind up ill prepared and that can be fatal! You might also wind up killing the wrong people and thus having to make dark powers checks. I am pretty harsh with the consequences of failed dark powers checks. You don't have any greater chance than normal of needing them or failing them but the consequences of blowing them are quite severe. Muskets are considered martial weapons in this game.

Game applications go Here.

Game Description:

The game starts in Dementlieu in Ravenloft. Hans Modenheim is Victor's 3rd cousin and has lived in Dementlieu all his life and is nothing like his famous cousin, being far more humane. He is also a wizard of no little power seeing magic as just another kind of science. He had started a detective agency 6 years ago and employs a decent number of detectives to hire out. He specializes in cases dealing with the supernatural. Hans acknowledges supernatural agents buts thinks of them as part of the natural world as he does magic. Your characters are among the detectives he hires out. This is less dangerous as it might sound since most Dark Lords don't care too much if you kill anyone outside their direct control
. The characters should be ECL 10. They will be built on 32 points and 32,000 GP which is more than average but you are well paid. The maximum you can spend on any one items is 8,000 GP. Outside domains that require them to maintain the atmospehre such as Falkovnia and Tempest the OR of all races is 0. For example an elf will likely be shot on sight as a witch in Tempest but treated like anyone else in Mordent. Any class in the PH, PH2 and any of the Complete series can be used.

This game has been going on four years but some people dropped out due to RL issues.

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Sounds like the movie "Van Helsing", doesn't it?

Count me in.

Now... Rogue or cleric? Hmmm!.

I'm interested but not too familiar with ravenloft. Is familiarity with the setting a necessity?

If you give me some information on the Ravenloft as well I'd like to join up as a monk :3

Well now isn't this awesome!!!

I've been trying to play my Paladin here but every gane I've applied to has been getting 20+applicants.

So for those of you who have seen me posting I apologize but would i be allowed for me to use this homebrewed Paladin fix?

The idea of a Palladin in a supernatural detective agency in Ravenloft is just too awesome. For added flavor would you allow me to use the Hellbred Race from FC2? Also my intent would be to qualify for and earn my way into he Saint Template one we hit level 6. Would LA buyoff (from Unearthed Arcana) be allowed? Likewise from that book can we ake a flaw or two for extra feats at 1st level?

You realize that class is specifically described by it's creator as over powered?

Also posting interest

Also, are you allowing races/classes/prestige classes from the other swords and sorcery books, or the other Ravenloft books?

Simon Templer - Master Inquisitive

If this character looks acceptable for submission, I will spend a little time to rework it to fit this specific campaign.

Character applications go Here. Ravenloft is a horror D&D setting. " The gods" of Ravenloft are the Dark Powers who give cursed "gifts" in which it "rewards" people doing evil acts. Ravenloft is ruled mainly by "Domain Lords" who are evil beings who are of great power but greatly cursed. Despite all their power they are among the most frustrated and unhappy beings in Ravenloft. There are many domains in Ravenloft, mostly small but not all of them are directly ruled by domain lords. Some of the domain lords have no political power but they are almost always the most powerful beings in their domain. The best Ravenloft site I have found is this Fraternity of Shadows. It has TONS of downloads and articles. If he wants to play a paladin in RAVENLOFT he can, they are a rather powered-down version. You can use most of the Ravenloft books for classes/PRC. Just double check with me to make sure I have the book but I do have most of them.


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