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Two Birds and a Stone.

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Two Birds and a Stone.

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Warrior,Rogue & Mage

Two Birds and a Stone
A story in the Age of Kings

The Beginning of a TaleYour day today began like a normal day in your life. You are cold, most likely a little damp and hungry. The loud pounding on your door is what must have awoken your less than blissful slumber. You cover yourself again in the warm furs and try to shut out the noise but the pounding at your door continues, groggy and annoyed you go to see who is the perpetrator of the thunderous summons and the unwelcome interruption of your rest.

Pulling open the door to your quarters you see one of the minor ranking men-at-arms. "Lord Garin wants to see you." The man walks away, leaving you with questions and a short time table.

Welcome to the nation of Baristos, a land located on the continent of Meranos in the world of Meslana. This story starts the way so many fantasy stories do, you are summoned to the table of your lord. Why you have been called is a mystery and only one many you may solve.

A fantasy setting inspired by George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, we are using a free system called Warrior, Rogue & Mage . Using the "Scholar" variation for a low magic setting. We will be using the normal character creation rules for the variant. I will be choosing four applicants to fill out the rest of group of characters. Expect a large amount of role playing and possibly quite a bit a character conflict. Character creation is simple and a sample of a character can be viewed here
  • Please post all initial applications in this thread, once chosen I will have you make a character thread where I will help you tailor it to the world that I have created with ShadowStalker.
  • Please note that I did not require a certain amount a posts per day, although at least 1/day would be nice I understand real life limitations and problems and I am looking for patient and mature players that understand them as well. I am in this for the long haul and at times posting may be slow. Coming into this game and contributing to the stories with that understanding will make it that much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

All stories have a beginning and an end. There are people that never live to see the beginning of some stories, while others are killed before the end of their own. This tale, whether it begins or ends is your story.

Game Description:

The Age of Kings in the land of Baristos has begun, the family of the Wolverine sits on the throne and the land is at peace. The noble houses engage in their tournaments and their intrigues, all under the watchful eye of the king. Although bandits roam the roads, wild men and nomads populate the Karnokian Wastes, the King’s Men make the roads safe. You are the men and women of Baristos, the people that can change the course of its history or thrive in obscurity. You may be knights or men-at-arms, cobblers, bandits, or one day control your own House.

This is a story in the spring of its life.


The game will be utilizing Warrior, Rogue & Mage a free source book. We will be using a variation in the book called Warrior, Rogue, & Scholar.

Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos.
Familiarity with the system is a plus but not required, as the system is only a base for mechanics to play the story from.

So, are we still required to be a part of a Prime house, or are sellswords and hedge knights viable concepts?

Still required to be part of a Prime House for this story yes, former sellswords or hedge knights are conditionally viable if they fit well into the House's ranks and membership.

working on an app this is right up my street!

Good to hear, feel free to direct any and all questions to me in this thread or PMs.


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