Coffee Break of the Living Dead.

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Coffee Break of the Living Dead.

Coffee Break of the Living Dead - Forum
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Ad Closes: Oct 14 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Alright, up goes the ad. I'm looking for a couple of people to play an AFMBE scenario. I already have my friend playing but a couple of extra guys would be great. The character creation is explained in the game forum after you've been accepted. All I'm looking for is for you to say you're interested and a quick blurb on the idea of character you have. When thinking up a character for this scenario I'm looking for office workers, white collar joe blows with no real survival skills. No ex-military, no martial artists, etc. Just regular people. I want this to be a horror survival, not a shoot em up kind of game.
This game will be set in Edmonton, Canada. A city of about one million people, in the present year. Hopefully if this pans out well it'll go from just a scenario to a full blown campaign.

Game Description:

Another ad for my game. I started it but my players vanished after the first post, so really you'd be coming in at the very start. Need zombie and horror lovers, prefer mature roleplayers that want a zombie game with a good build up before the poop hits the fan. Oh yeah, and not sore losers please. It's a zombie game. How many horror movies have you seen where the entire cast lived to the end? Not saying I'm out to get you, but the zombies sure the hell are!

Set in Edmonton, Canada. September 17th, first frost of the year.
You are an office employee at a bank regional headquarters and today begins like all the others. You wake up, shower and grab a cup of joe then off to your mind-numbing cubicle for another day of soul sucking monotony. It's like you're just a dead shell of a person.
Today is different though...Today is a day where fear, suspense, and adrenaline all come together to show you just how alive you really are.

Rules for creation are:

1.For stats roll d4 six times, arrange as desired. Make your rolls in the Coffee Lounge.
2.5 points for qualities and a max of 10 for drawbacks.
3.Skill points will start at 25. Plus 3 per level of intelligence. Characters under 18 -5 points and those 40+ gain 5 points, but lose 2 attribute points. This stacks for every 10 years past the age of 30.
4.You character will be either white or blue collar. This will be a horror survival game not a shoot em up game so no Rambos. For those of you that want an ex-military character, go ahead but as a heads up I'm pretty picky about that field. Plus how many bankers and accountants have a military background?
5.When considering gear you have all common consumer goods available, depending on your resources. The year is 2010 so if your character really wants to carry an Ipad then go for it.
6.Character types are restricted to the Norm type.
7.The scenario takes place in a bank regional office. It has a food court on the main floor, 2nd to 3rd floors are the headquarters of the Jewelery Barn, and 4th to 14th are the regional offices of the bank. For story's sake please have your characters work in this building.
8.For starting gear, whatever your resource level allows, within reason of course. Basically list what your character would be carrying during a normal work day.
9. For you gun nuts, sorry. The only people that can carry firearms legally are the RCMP boys. Even security guards are only allowed up to pepper spray.

Books allowed:
2.One of the living

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I know I've probably forgotten to add vital information. Also, I'm looking for maybe around three more people. Hopefully you can post a minimum of once a day. Though I understand if work or other real life complications prevent that.

Take the trench???!!!! You want that %@*&#%* trench so bad then you take it!

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I could be interested in this, even though I know exactly nothing about Canada.

Would a college hockey player (majoring in political science) be too survivable?

Okay posting interested for British University student who has studied Theology

Very book smart but not very practical and physically minded, aiming for an interesting RP character and not someone who is going to awesome in any situation unless you want to discuss God...

I've been dying to get into a All Flesh game, I should really find the core pdfs.

Mike Browne, Starbucks Barista, Age 19, just trying to pay his way through college.

What happened with the ad you made a few weeks ago?

sorry but my work had me out in the boonies for awhile. so i had to postpone the game.
All of your character ideas are great. I'll be accepting all of you, minus geist unless you get hold of those core rules.
The rest of the setting and character creation rules can be found in the game forums

Two days before the ad expires. First post on this website as I have only been using it for its resources to play chat based games. My lack of free time in recent days has me moving toward PBP games (of which I have played many in the past) and away from chat based or live games. If you are still looking for players I would be interested in joining this game. I haven't played AFMBE in a while and I have a campaign in the works elsewhere but it doesn't look like it is going to take off.

The Idea: Stacy Whitmore - Accountant, age: 32, The Catch: She is almost completely deaf (I don't expect to survive but am looking forward to playing the character)

I'm also interested if you are still accepting.

Jim Bradly, Age 24, Security Guard. Only guy with a weapon, a small pistol, with only one clip of ammo. Last desperate resort weapon, and he knows it.

I'll accept you kriss1989 and I'm groovy with the security guard idea too but no pistol. Sorry buds, as a Canadian security guard you can have a radio and mace.


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