Stargate: New Journeys - looking for more castaways!

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Stargate: New Journeys - looking for more castaways!

New Journeys - Forum
The Window
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Greetings, fellow Myth-Weavers! The crew of the George Hammond, currently marooned on an unknown planet, seeks additional players to join them in their voyage of discovery and danger. With over ninety survivors, there are plenty of opportunities to jump right in. Create your own character or pick from one of the following already created persons:

Dr. Klaus von Braun, senior engineer
Dr. Evelyn Archer, archaeologist/archaeolinguist
1LT Sawyer Tiers, intelligence officer

If you're thinking of a new character, the types of roles I'm looking to fill are Ancient technology/Stargate expert, linguist, 'that brilliant crazy guy' (McKay/Rush). The other player-characters among the crew include:

MAJ Eileen Thorsson, acting CO (The Bushranger)
CPT Michael Wantanabe, acting XO/security officer (roadford01)
CPT Sarah Morgan, medical officer/biologist (Merlana)
Ms. Finduilas 'Findy' MacLean, engineer (DarkLadyOfTheSith)

Since the original advertisement, the team has come into orbit around a habitable planet and transferred the crew down to the surface using the ring system (since the Asgard transporter was inoperable), and dumped the damaged reactor cores before they exploded. They've survived a brief attack by indigenous hostile quadrupeds, battled freezing weather, and deciphered at least part of the meaning of an Ancient ring of standing stones. They are currently exploring the remains of the George Hammond via remote robot and prepping to travel overland to a site that, if the standing stones are to be believed, holds a strange 11-chevron Stargate.

Interested? Apply here! New characters should follow the guidelines below. If you're interested in taking over an existing character, describe how you see the character developing and participating.

Game Description:

The First Good News All DayIt happened thirty one hours ago.

It started out as a simple fleet exercise, tactical training between Odyssey and your ship, George Hammond. An easy shakedown, designed to test your crew's readiness to deploy to the Pegasus Galaxy to relieve the Daedalus.

And then, the Ori dropped out of hyperspace right in the middle of things. Odyssey engaged the mothership and ordered you to retreat to hyperspace. Just as you were about to make the jump, the Ori hit you with a full salvo. It almost destroyed the ship, but somehow the hyperdrive survived the attack. Long enough to get you moving somewhere--anywhere--at least for a little while.

By the time the ship dropped out of hyperspace on its own, power sources nearly exhausted, the survivors had managed to gather themselves in the few remaining habitable sections of the ship to take stock of the situation. Colonel Thomson: Dead. The Asgard Engineer: Dead. The list went on and on. Out of the entire crew that was aboard the ship, only ninety six survived the attack.

The ship didn't fare much better. Hyperdrive, sublight, navigation, targeting, weapons, shields, all offline. Hull badly damaged, probably more from the hyperspace trip than the Ori assault--in any event, barely safe to fly. The generators seemed to be functioning, though noone could reach Engineering to be entirely sure. The Asgard transporters were unreachable without a spacewalk due to damage, but the ring transporters were within the habitable zone. Sensors and maneuvering thrusters were the only major systems still operational.

As the ship drifted through empty space, the sensor array picked up the presence of a nearby solar system. It wasn't much, but the spectral analysis indicated the potential for a habitable planet.

Welcome to Stargate: New Journeys. The first thing on the agenda is: Survival.

This game is a takeoff of the Stargate: Universe idea. In this game, the survivors of an Ori attack has been thrown somewhere into space. The ship can barely support those who survived the attack, and death is inevitable unless a miracle occurs. And that is where this game begins: with a 'miracle'.

Status: Currently experiencing a higher than normal call volume. Please try your call again later.
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Jakers, long time no see Let me know what you have in mind, I'm sure we can work you in.

Yes sir, though I won't be able to get a proper app up until probably the weekend D: got a heavy work load tomorrow, though maybe friday will be more lenient. And it has been a while

I would have no trouble taking on either Dr. Evelyn Archer, archaeologist/archaeolinguist or Dr. Klaus von Braun, senior engineer. How involved in the story have they been so far? Is there a Windows sheet for either of them that I can take a look at? I know you said you wanted us to describe how we see the character developing and participating, but if they already have some background I would want to incorporate that into my app.

I would like to submit an app for this one. I always like the stargate setting and haven't had a chance to game in it. I'll get an app up as soon as I can. Although, with work I won't be able to get a completed app finished until Friday more than likely.

I'm not familiar with the windows system although I have played in a couple of freeform games.

I've made the sheets for Drs. Von Braun and Archer public; they are in the Stargate Personnel threadgroup in the forum.

Friday is perfectly fine for apps, we're not in any particular rush. The Window is quite rules-lite, and to be honest I can't remember the last time anyone has called for a die roll. We're basically using it as a framework to gauge the relative abilities of the crew, not as an arbitrary determinant of the storyline.

Hey Mordae...Im very interested in this thread. I like the Stargate theme and esp like freeform games that allow for heavy roleplay between chars. I was thinking of an enlisted male, engineer/machinist type. Promoted, busted down..promoted again. Knowledable of his trade, not trusting of officers. Likes being a lower rank due to not having the responsibility of command or other responsiblity. Does this sound doable?

As of yet I have not had time to go through and search out everyones characters, I've been brewing an initial concept. More of a specialized soldier, a quiet type with a woodsman like feel. A wilderness trained soldier qualified marksman with urban infiltration skills. Granted this covers quite a few bases, and as I said I have not had a chance to go through so I'm not sure if I'm stepping on anyones toes or if the concept is way out in left field for the game. Any pointers you guys can throw my way would be greatly appreciated Thanks.

Interested? Apply here! If you're interested in taking over an existing character, describe how you see the character developing and participating.

Although I have not had a chance to read the archives yet, I have studied Dr. Evelyn Archer and I believe I can take over playing her. I see her as an adventurous spirit who would ignore the fact that they were trapped light years from home and do what she does best, study the past in hopes it will lead to a better future. I myself check on to MW at least once a day, but could not promise a post every day. I will look to keep any thread I am involved in moving though.


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