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Villanous Ambitions

Villainous Ambitions - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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I'm looking to run a solo game for an aspiring villianous character.

[Closed to NEW Applications]

Game Description:

I'm interested in running a solo game for a villainous character. Ideally the successful applicant will start out at the beginning of his/her villainous career, and the game would revolve around the villain perusing his/her goals.

The game for the villain won't be a linear campaign, rather it will be handled in the form of Acts (critical periods of time in the villains history), focussing on his/her rise to power.

Once the villain is 'established' I will DM a game of heroes, who will stumble upon the machinations of the villain and attempt to thwart it. The heroes will start out at a lower level to the villain, and it won't be until they reach upper levels, that the prime focus of the heroes adventures will be to destroy/neutralise the villain.

This type of game would especially suit a monstrous type of villain, which is too underpowered to play with others PC's of the same level, due to ECL limitations. However, I'm seriously open to any suggestion.

And finally if the villain manages to create his/her own evil empire or attract minions and cohorts, then I would also be happy to open the door for evil PC's to part of these followers/minions.

In particular I'm interested in running a game for a well throughout villain, with a believably personality/background, focussed on pursing potentially world-shattering goals. I'm happy for the player (you) to have a better idea of the goals you want to pursue with your character, and allow the goals to evolve over time for the actual PC.

For instance you might want to play an Ogre Mage Wizard/Sorcerer who will eventually become a mighty warlord, who seeks to overthrow the weak human kingdoms, and establish a mighty monstrous empire.

However, the actually PC, may start out with a chip on his shoulder towards humans and other civilised races, and be interested in surviving and gaining a measure of power. Over time as the Ogre Mage gains more followers and power, it could then occur to him to try and carve out his own empire.

And finally it would be great (but not required) if the successful applicant would be willing to do a similiar type of adventure, for a villianous character of my own devising ;)

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can we do more than one application? I have... 5 ideas in mind. I can limit it down to the maximum, even if that is 1, but all 5 are great. If you want, I can tell you all 5, and you can tell me which to submit

Originally Posted by Purity_Riot View Post
can we do more than one application? I have... 5 ideas in mind. I can limit it down to the maximum, even if that is 1, but all 5 are great. If you want, I can tell you all 5, and you can tell me which to submit
Feel free to have more than one application. So submit all 5

The Dungeonseed, Mazeheart

Name:Quinimmodic Ater Lectum
I know this isn't a monstrous race but he has his sights on lichdom
Class: Wizard
Necromancy, Enchantment, Illusion
but flexible. I can start him at level 1 or 2 and play earlier parts of his life if you like.

I remember a game that had a very similar name to this one... a game that sadly died right at the start.

I am not really interested in applying as I need to focus on running my own game. Still, if anything, I'd like to sign up as a reader.

I like the idea of an Unholy Scion character, its a 5 LA template thats basically the "Evil Child". I'll think on it a bit.


Here is my concept, a bit more fleshed out (though obviously a background and such is forthcoming should you like the idea).

Many years ago the elven King Eldren defeated the demoness Zabael. Thinking the demon destroyed Eldren continued on with his life, though in truth Zabael's spirit lived on, though dispersed.

It took a hundred years for Zabael's spirit to coalesce and regain awareness, and when she looked down on the world she found that her hated enemy had become King of his people and had taken the beautiful Arvanda for his wife, though as yet no child had flowered in her womb. Lacking a body, Zabael waited, and watched.

When Arvanda became heavy with child, she saw her chance. She possessed the babe, merging with it, becoming one with it. Zabael would return to complete her schemes, and take vengeance on Eldren, and his people, and with the Elven throne to back her, she would conquer the world.

Lots of good examples so far. Great to see

The Unholy Scion template is a great example of an awesome idea that is difficult to play due to the huge LA. And happens to be a favourite of mine.

I think I will go with a neopolitan dread necromancer. I wouldn't know how to play an unholy scion.

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