A tale of mystery, murder and pursuit set in Varisia

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A tale of mystery, murder and pursuit set in Varisia

To Catch a Thief - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Focus here is on role play, and co-creating a good story with a driven and central plot, but also about the lives of the characters who are part of it.

Game Description:

Varisia – A land founded upon the eldritch secrets and corruption of a ruined and vanished empire. A place where civilization in the form of unaffiliated city-states, yet struggles to stand strong, amidst wild frontier and dangers both natural and supernatural.

It is within this setting that you will embark upon a search that will lead you places you might have laughed at going at any other time in your life. But, an embittered and justice-seeking priestess of Iomedae is on the trail of someone who has stolen something she wants to recover at all costs.

As for yourself, it would be one of four things which goads or brings you:

Your own faith is Iomedaen, and this is for you a matter of religion – you were hand picked by her to assist in setting this matter right. Or -

It is entirely personal - for the one pursued is responsible for the death of someone you loved very much, and this is your chance to seek redress. Or -

It is a matter of family. The quarry of this chase has stolen an heirloom, possibly magical in nature, that has been in your family for generations. And you alone, amongst your scholarly and gentle kin, are suited to facing the dangers it will require to get it back. Or -

Hell, the money's too good not to do this. You're a mercenary by trade. And well, you're a little bit...eccentric and like a good challenge, as well. But your reputation means a great deal to you. Once you've committed to a job, you see it through to the bitter end.

An unlikely group...an unlikely crime...and an unlikely adventure.

But it's entirely likely you'll have quite a tale for your grandchildren, one day.

Assuming, of course, that you survive what lies ahead.

What I am looking for:

- Very good role players

- At least decent writers – and that means more than single line posts are expected, except where they are truly appropriate.

- Mature and easygoing participants who will treat this seriously, (thought don't fear, it will have its humorous moments), but still remember it is a game, and have fun.

- A character application that outlays your proposed character concept, background, personality and which of the four motives you think they would likely have. You DON'T need to write out a fully detailed background when you apply – I'm just looking for an overview of where they've come from. Neither do I want your character sheet YET.

I DO want to get a good feel for who this is, and how well you can probably role play them.

This won't be first come, first served. I'm only taking four characters for this, and I admit upfront I'm going to hold out for the right ones. That's not to be arrogant...only to make this as much fun and worth the time for all involved as possible, myself included.

I'm open to considering most PF source materials for characters, BUT understand I'm generally not impressed with the “neato” factor. Try to make your character special by personality and how you will portray them, not with the latest flashy class and feats. That said, if some exotic class and feats are truly what fits, that won't be discriminated against, either.

Please, no novelty characters with silly pun-names, or the like. It is the nature of novelty to wear off quickly, and then it is just silly. Or even annoying.

The characters would begin play at 6th level – so take that into consideration with your background and concept. You've definitely had some life experience, but you're not the epic and ultimate blah de blah of blah de blah, either.

What this game is NOT going to be:

- A hack & slash affair focused on endless combat and leveling up. You're starting at 6th level, as stated. Be very content with 6th, please. You're going to be there a good long while, probably, though you will progress, given enough time of play. But if role-playing a mid-level character isn't enough for you, then you won't be happy here.

- A comprehensive tour of Golarion. It begins in Varisia, and stays in Varisia. (Well, with the possibility of perhaps one jaunt to a certain red planet...)

- A haven for rule-mongers. At the end of the day, the rules are there to serve and support the story, not the other way around. I love Pathfinder too, but I won't have this bog down into lengthy, obnoxious debates on rules and mechanics. Take it to EN World, or some similar forum. Good role-playing, and a willingness to let your fellow players have their turn in the spotlight, will carry you A LOT further in this one, than a ruthless and domineering knowledge of rules ever will.

- Incredibly fast or slow moving. I'm a busy adult – so don't expect daily updates, although you will see them at times. But I promise you will get a bare minimum of three of them a week from me, and frequently more. Please be able to keep to the same bare minimum (three posts a week) if you sign on for this.

That's it! I really appreciate your taking time from your life to read through all that, and consider this game. If you have any questions before submitting your character application, I will be happy to answer any and all.

100% interested. Going to take some time and work on the back story. Just to make things clear for myself. We have to pick one of the campaign hooks that you provided?

Essentially yes...but not necessarily. I am (pretty much always) open to other ideas. Also, it is possible for any pair (maybe more, if there is enough of a different take on each) of characters to have a siimilar motive. All four of those motives need not be used.

Any character can definitely be a pathfinder, if they wish.

Or as their motive for doing this, do you mean?

I don't think that by itself would make a lot of sense -- you're in pursuit of someone for a specific reason(s), and there is no guarantee where that will take you at the beginning, or that you're going to have opportunities to recover lost artifacts or the like. Although it will work out that way in the long run, of course.

Hm. If a pathfinder was willing to enter play a bit later than the others, be met along the way, in a particular situation, that could work.

Count me interested. I'll try to have something for you in the next few days.

Definitely interested. I'm new to pathfinder, but not to roleplaying. So far I'm liking the family plot hook. I'll have something up soon.

Would there be any DM-created fluff we should be aware of? I ask because I like to work with the DM and not from a vaccum, but also...well...

A little MW pet peeve of mine is the lack of any information in the gamethread prior to the game being advertised. While you might have everything planned out and written down it's nice to know (from a player's standpoint) that the game will not die immediately after players are chosen. This usually happens because the DM realizes all of the online leg-work needed to be done and gets behind quickly. (Please don't take this personally, it's just an observation).

Also, if I haven't burned the bridge, I'll try to think up a concept.

Not sure how much you want. I'll throw something out there, and you can tell me if it is not enough.

App removed for SECRECY!!!!111!!!

Human Summoner/Sorcerer (Prefer Summoner)

I notice several members are applying for this. If I apply will you take a look at my concept or should I look elsewhere?


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