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Arcem Heroes

Arcem Heroes - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 2e
Estimated Members Requested: 0

Who's up for a game of Mutants and Masterminds 2e? I'm relatively (not entirely) new to the rule set, but I'm an experienced Game Master and I'm really enjoying the games of this that I've run.

Game Description:

"Ladies and gentlemen," says the man on the television screen, "I'm afraid... afraid that the rumors are true. The body of the Iron Knight, leader of the Arcem Regiment and champion of our fair city, has been identified. Our greatest hero is dead. And the rest of the Regiment is gone. Missing, presumed dead."
He pauses, coughs, blinks several times. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a dark day for all of Arcem. Not only have our greatest champions disappeared, but in their place are appearing all of their greatest foes. Our city mourns, and its criminals rejoice. Ladies and gentlemen... Arcem needs a miracle."

The year is 2028. The place is a sprawling metropolis in the American heartland, a city named Arcem - Latin for "stronghold". Until recently, this name was quite fitting. Following the arrival of super-humans in 2014, Arcem became known around the globe as the City of Supers. Thousands of heroes and villains rose up around the globe, but none rivaled the famed Iron Knight of Arcem. The shining black knight's armor became a symbol of strength and justice worldwide.
But the Iron Knight was not invincible. When the villains of the world heard of his might, they flooded to Arcem to challenge him. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Iron Knight founded the Arcem Regiment in 2017.
The Arcem Regiment was a team of superheroes of unparalleled power. Together, they protected not only Arcem, but most of America. They clashed with hundreds of villains over the years, from the time-bending Shrike to the pyromaniac Inferno. Every time, they emerged triumphant. Being inducted into the Regiment was the dream of heroes worldwide.

But three days ago, on July 7, 2028, the Regiment lost.

On July 1, a villain calling himself the Laughing Man appeared in the center of Arcem and began slaughtering indiscriminately. The Regiment was swift to arrive, but failed to capture the Laughing Man.
For the next week, the Regiment clashed repeatedly with the Laughing Man, but were never able to defeat him. The villain wielded unprecedented power, able to fight off the entire Regiment at once.
And now it seems that he has succeeded. The Iron Knight's body was recovered from the ruins of an office building downtown. The rest of the Regiment vanished without a trace, and are presumed dead.

The only thing that can be said to be "good" about this situation is that the Laughing Man himself has disappeared. But the defeat of the Regiment and the death of the Iron Knight has spurred the Arcem underworld into action. Villains beaten into submission by Arcem's heroes years before are surfacing again, and the city is helpless before them.

But there's another hope that the people of Arcem don't know about yet. Arcem is a huge city, and the Arcem Regiment members weren't its only heroes. You always did your part as well. And today you woke to find something on your doorstep - a small brown envelope. Inside, a plain piece of paper with a few words printed on it:

You have been selected to become a member of the Arcem Regiment.

And, on the back of that piece of paper, a map leading to a small house in the Arcem downtown...


What is this? This is Arcem Heroes, a Mutants and Masterminds 2e game.

What kind of setting is it? Near-future. No alternate histories or anything. Superheroes first appeared in 2014. Since then, all kinds of crazy stuff has happened - alternate dimensions, magic, aliens... think Silver Age comics.

What kind of flavor are you going for? Somewhere between the Silver and Iron Ages. The villains will be crazy and sometimes goofy, and they'll mostly get away to fight another day, and there'll be a very low mortality rate. But this isn't to say that there won't be any seriousness or death or actual beating-the-villain. Think Batman: Knightfall or the Ultimate Marvels.

What are the rules for character creation? Standard PL 10, 150 power points.

What sourcebooks are available for use? Just the core and Ultimate Power. I might accept heroes using other source, but it's highly unlikely.

What kind of characters are you looking for? Good guys only, please. Heroes. Or, at the very least, anti-heroes. If you want a guideline of how villainous you can get before I rule you out, think DC's Anarky.

What story elements are required when creating a character? All characters should either be from Arcem or have lived there for several years, preferably acting as a vigilante hero of some repute - hence your recruitment. Other than that, go nuts. Want to make up an entire section of Arcem? Go right ahead. Want to make up a supervillain to act as your archnemesis? Sure. Want to make up a super-science company that your character's father owns? Do it. Arcem is left purposefully vague for the moment so that you have a chance to make the world your own.
Your character should also be willing, if not eager, to join the Arcem Regiment. This is the most prestigious super-team worldwide, so there's really no reason that most people would want to refuse unless they're someone like the Punisher.

What's this game going to be about? The characters are second-tier heroes - not weaklings, but not the ones that sell thousands of action figures, either - who have been called up by person or persons unknown to take the place of the missing Arcem Regiment. The Regiment's old enemies are rampaging through the city, and it's up to you to put a stop to their dance of destruction.
That's the immediate story, anyway. There will be more, but that's all I'm saying for now.


- Characters must be PL 10 and use no more than 150 power points
- Ultimate Power has the final ruling on all power abilities and costs
- Sheets must be finished before you will be admitted into the game
- Include a brief backstory, physical description, the usual
- BE INTERESTING! I'll be choosing which heroes to admit to this based on how much I like them, so make them as cool as you can.
- Run your posts through a spellchecker or something, please. I'm not exactly a grammar Nazi, but seriously - this is play-by-post. That means that we rely on each other to write well. If you can't take ten seconds out of your busy day to get rid of obvious and easily-fixed grammar and spelling errors, you don't have enough time to be on the site.

Submit your character applications in this thread.

- Death, in Terry Pratchett's Reaper Man
Name: Tamara Stoppados
Alternate Identity: Time Stop
Age: 16

Personality: Tamara can be hard to figure out. She's usually a happy, friendly girl, full of curiosity and wonder. She'll always be the first to tell someone to stop and smell the roses. She approaches every new challenge with enthusiasm, ready to meet the problem head on. She is wise beyond her years, due to her loss, and having had to raise herself, and there are still days when she is down. Tamara suffers from acute bipolarism. It only manifests with specific triggers, but when it does, she goes from 10 to 0 in a heart beat, becoming depressed, quiet and reserved.
Power Niche: Paragon, see post above for further details

Recycled, but never used, Tamara has been something I've wanted to play since I read my first X-men.

If the death touch is too much (She'll rarely use it) Then let me know, and I'll change it to something less seedy.

Tamara looks good, Purity, with the possible exception of the "No Saving Throw" extra for Time Stop. I'm not ruling it out completely, but I'll have to think on whether or not I want to allow that.

Originally Posted by Purity_Riot View Post
okay, it's out of ultimate power
Yeah, I know. That's why I'm not ruling it out entirely.

Well, I'm interested. If I can get my hands on a sourcebook, I'll get a character up and running.


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