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Lonely Ocean

Legends of Deliverance - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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NOTE: I accidentally attached this advertisement to the wrong game. The real game forum can be found here. Mmm, such elegant link insertion.

Lonely Ocean:
Alone Together

"It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top."

The world of Jorhal is a beautiful place - all green dales and forests, with picturesque little hamlets dotting the countryside and towering snow-capped mountains line the horizon. In the underworld's gentle embrace rests undreamed of treasures of gems and precious metals, all ripe for the taking, and monstrous beasts stalk the dark, unknown areas of the land. It is a young world, mostly untouched by the inexorable march of progress - still largely unexplored, Jorhal remains a place of mystery and danger, superstition and adventure. Even the largest kingdoms cannot guarantee its citizens' safety at all times, and the thick-walled cities that stand guard in stoic silence at key points across the land, are beset by some horror or another several times a year. And yet spirits are high in some - this is an era that rewards those who thrive on conflict. Whether they are strong, clever or cunning, this is a world where the brave and passionate find that the world is at their feet.

But even the green dales and forests cannot compare to Jorhal's great blue seas, their shadowy depths hiding treasures and mysteries undreamed of by all but a very few. Though merchant fleets set sail each day to ferry goods and secrets from one port to another, they've barely scraped the surface of Jorhal's ancient Sea of Solitude - only the intrepid explorers known as the Smuggler Sovereigns dare seek out the dark, undiscovered places of the world, founding colonies and seeking out new creatures and knowledge. But the real challenge is when these rogue captains return, their holds full of treasure, and they must get these treasures past those that might otherwise claim a... "share" for themselves.

-- --- --

"Dear friends!" The captain bellowed out across the market square of Kavaki's Beard, "it has been my great pleasure to provide the entertainment around these parts for the twenty-five or so years - we've had a good run and, as you can well see I am finally ready retire. I would like to thank the local constabulary for their assistance, and for always make sure my picture on the wanted posters was top-notch! I would like to thank the good people of the Horned Coast for their support, and the gods above, below and beyond for their benevolence in granting me such a successful caree-." At about that point the executioner reached the end of his attention span, and gave the lever a tug. He'd figured that a brief admonishment and an 'honour-and-duty' speech from the captain would be worth shaving however long the captain's final words would take off his workday. The trap door opened, and the bearded old sea dog plummeted through the floor.

But no such luck for the hangman. The grizzled captain grit his teeth and continued, as defiant in his final moments as he'd been all throughout his life. "To my... crew!" He gasped for air, "I have nothing to say but... we knew the risks. Take my darling as your own and... gnnnh, lead life on your own terms. Last, but not least... make 'em remember ye!" With that, the captain gave one last sigh and closed his eyes, going limp. While he was unfortunately not enough of a master of dramatic propriety to die just at the end of that last sentence, but it was just as well. By the time he went into his dying spasms the market square was too loud for anyone to notice, and that's just how he would have wanted it.

Concealed among the festive masses, however, were a handful of cloaked figures who did not rejoice with the rest. Spread out among the jovial commoners were the last remnants of captain Rowan's crew, paying their respects (silent or otherwise) to their beloved (or otherwise) leader of many, many years. But they would not tarry. Their ship lay hidden in a nearby lagoon, and the repairs and loading were long since complete. The Siren's Lap was ready to sail at any time, and her crew were poised to set off before dusk - the loss of one man was not enough to give her pause. She had a hundred more years of adventure ahead of her still.

-- --- --

Yes, it is time for a high seas adventure - one I hope will be fraught with danger and suspense. Once characters have been chosen, you'll have to do everything from choosing a new captain to building your ship, to choosing missions and a heading. There will be a map - it might not be a pretty map, but there will be a map.

Character Creation:
This game will use what might be described as "E8". If you don't know what that means, go look up E6. I'll be looking for 4-8 level 6 characters, and while that may seem like a lot I assure you that the ship (and the game) will keep moving even in the absence of one or more players.

Additionally, in the interest of character customization (we'll find a way to make the concept you want come true, oh yes we will) I'm granting everyone 4 of my patented, incredibly vague anti-levels. These are essentially points of negative level adjustment, with the added perk that you can trade them in (all or part of them) for other benefits (anything you can think of) roughly in line with the value of the amount of negative level adjustments you trade in. This is intentionally left vague - consider it a test of character and don't be too greedy. :P

Now, for the restrictions:

Other Notes on Character Creation:
I'm not really concerned with gameplay mechanics as much as I am interested in allowing people to customize their characters according to their fluff. Regardless of how your character is built, I am going to make sure that the power levels of the party remain balanced no matter what it takes. Don't try to beat the system, or your character will have its arms ripped off if that's what it takes to drive the point home.

Everything can be refluffed (pretty much without limit - I'm far less likely to have objections to you using several templates than your character having a gene pool that looks like a vat of tie dye), and I myself am very open to special arrangements (trading levels for feats, making adjustments to whatever, et cetera and so on), but I expect clear and detailed explanations, sources and so on on everything you use. And try to avoid "assuming" that something is okay.

Oh, and I love fluff-related questions. It shows that you care. (:

Game Description:

Once upon a
Since the beginning of t
Dear diary

Alright, you know what - I'm not a bard, and I refuse to pretend to be. I have no gift with words (or is that 'of words', I never could remember) and no patience for writing, so before I've broken every quill in camp, I'm just going to settle for recording events clearly and plainly. With any luck, Mr. Big and Mighty Hero will be smart enough to pick up a proper scribe somewhere along the way and leave me to do the job I do best.

This document, though lacking in style and flair and competent authors, is in fact volume the one-hundredth and fifty-seventh of the Legend of the Deliverer, he who is chosen, he who shall bring salvation all those other things. Think me not irreverent, dear reader, for I owe much to the Deliverer, and he is a great hero indeed, to have come this far. All I mean is that if you've have read this far, you should already know all you need about who he is. If you've have never read of the Deliverer's journeys before, I urge you to begin with volume one. By the time the Deliverer's quest is over and his story is available to the public, volume one should be available in the libraries of most larger cities.

- - - - - -

Autumn 78, 3012
The Deliverer and his troupe returned triumphant from their battle with the purple dragon Engrazhizzimalion. I was in the battle myself, of course, so I can vouch for the accuracy of its description in the last volume. Anyway, the troupe's bard was lost in the fight - split in two by the dragon's claws, we can only hope that his death was quick and painless. Many of the Deliverer's companions were wounded, a few mortally so, though our healers were able to stave off death yet again (other than the bard's, I guess) and so we were able to get out of that one with no casualties other than my predecessor (the dead bard wrote the other one-hundred and fifty-six volumes, in case that wasn't clear). The dragon's head was dragged out of its cave and mounted atop the entrance, and the entire body's worth of scales was claimed by the hero. I guess he's going to make it into a suit of armour, but I suppose that will be a tale for another day (and hopefully, another scribe). Right now, it's time to rest. Finally. Today was otherwise another day spent marching along the road, though the Deliverer looked particularly heroic in doing so (I guess? I've been ordered to include all the Deliverer's travails, no matter how insignificant, and specifically journeys like this... I suppose next time I shall have to compose an ode to his breakfast eating). The road to Dimlavir is long and boring, and as it seems not even the dark lord (why do they call him 'dark', anyway? The man has alabaster skin and dresses in gold. By the gods, dark is the last thing I'd call him) would send his assassins to wither away in this road's drudgery. Ah, well.

These are the words written on the crumpled piece of paper you took from the arrow-filled corpse outside Engrazhizzimalion's Lair. You stand among the wind-swept trenches of Engrazh's Canyon, outside the lair of the great wyrm herself. You came out here out of sheer curiosity, on a borrowed horse and with only a few days' worth of provisions, because you wanted to behold the scene of this legend yourself. Despite the warnings, the superstitious and fearful stories, and the very king's edict, you ventured out there because you had to see that place of death, to see how such a great hero could have fallen. The hero himself is nowhere to be found, of course - his body has long since been strung up, paraded in front of the royal palace - but the bones of his friends still lie here. They lie with their faces in their plates and bowls, murdered during supper much like any murder victim you've ever known - an arrow in the head kills a legend just as well as a commoner it would seem. Else, as many of the larger corpses testify, a dozen arrows in the head will do what one alone cannot. There is no trace of any mighty struggle.

There is barely time to contemplate the writing on the paper, however, before you notice something unusual. It was barely noon by the time you reached Engrazh's Canyon - you could've sworn it - but the shadows suddenly seem to grow longer. Stopping to listen, you hear the faint clack-clack-clack of claws on stone, and you suddenly come to think that maybe the stories of this place weren't all superstition after all. Frozen with sudden, unnatural fear, you can only stand in place, paralyzed as the clawed steps close in from behind. Right as the hot breath of... something much larger than you, sweeps down your neck, a voice in your head cries out, run!

With a speed you didn't think possible, you fly over the field of bones and into the cave of Engrazhizzimalion, since it was the only place to run too. A spurt brings you safely through beneath the head of the great purple dragon as you run toward certain death and entrapment in the cave, but through some unknown grace the skull that has hung safely on its mount for hundreds of years, crashes down behind you. The crash is deafening, and leaves only silence and darkness after it. Fumbling your way across the barely lit stone floor, there really is only one way to go. And the voice is still there - beckoning, calling.

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Well I'm certainly curious, though not sure what to do quite yet. Might do a druid using the variant that trades the animal companion for an elemental if I can remember where it is...
edit: Found it, its in Complete Mage.

Ok, perked my intrest XP

I'm already running a pirate hunting Ninja in another game. So this should be fun n.n

Posting interest. App will be up shortly.

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