Medical Tent

Medical Tent

The medical tent is the largest structure in the camp, consisting of three large modules connected together to form a simple ward plus three medium tents in the back: one for an operating room, another for an intensive care unit, and the third for the staff. The main space is crammed with cots, equipment, and--when an emergency arises--crewmen and medical staff.

Captain Sarah Morgan

With the patients stable or on the mend, most of the other medical personnel are in a rather jovial mood, all things considered. Not only were the host of surgeries successful, the patients mostly survived. Sarah kept to herself, in a quieter corner of the medical tent, pouring over her notes. There was really nothing to help her, and it exasperated her. Her area of expertise was phylogenetics and genomics, not ancient technology. Sure she was a quicker study than many, but she knew next to nothing about gates.

The lighthearted banter in the tent didn't help her mood, either, of after a while of flipping through page after page of her notes hoping to find something, she grabbed her parka and one of the flasks Findy had brought to the dinner meeting and headed out of the tent. Maybe the cold air and a stout drink would help clear her mind, she thought as she trudged up the hill to the icehenge, as she had begun to think of it. And if not, at least she would sleep well tonight.

Sarah trudges back to camp, trying desperately to capture some of the traces of calmness that she had hoped to find up at the ice henge. Well, at least the linguists were back on the case, she thought to herself. At least now somebody is puzzling out what all that ring can do.

As if on autopilot, Sarah finds herself pushing aside the flap to the medical tent and stepping in to the relative warmth. She pushes the hood of her parka back with her mittened hands and heads over to one of Findy's improvised stoves as she shrugs off the outergear. As she warms herself she looks around the tent. Things had gotten progressively more quite in the medical tent as soldiers were reassigned to duty. They all really needed to be assigned to light duty or no duty at all, but that wasn't an option. If they could walk and talk, or maybe just one of the two, there was a task to be assigned to them.

The other medical staff, she noted, were absent from the tent. Probably gone to the mess tent to socialize, she considered as she headed back to the staff sleeping area and stashed her outerwear and took a seat on the edge of her bed. At least it is quiet here, she thought as she pulled out her notes and began leafing through pages describing her research that seemed to take place so long ago.

Jake makes his way to the medical tent to get his examination. But he is disappointed when he comes to the tent to find it empty, he stands near the flap looking around before speaking up. "Excuse me, anyone home?" He calls out through the tent.

Captain Sarah Morgan

Hearing the voice call out from the front of the tent, Sarah sets down her book in frustration. It's always something, isn't it, she thinks. Slowly getting to her feet, she walks around the partition and sees the piercing blue eyes she had come to recognize over the last few days.

"Ah, Sergeant Bishop..." she looks him once over trying to judge what has brought him back to the medical tent. "I trust everything is still well?"

Sarah quickly pulls her hair, which had been hanging loose, back into an improvised bun and walks over closer to the man, "Don't you dare tell me you pulled out those stitches," she chastises, looking at the wound on his brow more closely.

"No ma'am, I'm here to request medical clearance to return to duty." Bishop says standing at ease. "Captain Wantanabe asked I get it in writing."

Sarah rolls her eyes slightly, covering it mostly by rubbing her face tiredly. Get it in writing. Is he for real? If they had been released from the medical tent they were good to go. Hell, if they had a pulse they had better be ready to return to duty.

"I really hope the Captain doesn't want official paperwork." the red-headed nurse comments. "A paper trail was the last thing I had in mind when we rather unceremoniously got dumped on this planet. What duty does he have in mind for you that he feels he needs a doctors note for?"

"I've requested to be placed on the team Lt. Lockley is putting together to scout the two sites with potential to help us get off this planet. The Captain simply asked that a medic put my being fit for active duty down in writing, I'm sure a simple signature would do ma'am." Jake says placing his hands behind his back. He had never been comfortable with medical facilities and it had shown over the past few weeks as he noticeably stiffens up around them, whether hospitals or in this case a simple tent.

It's been almost a week. Sorry!

"One moment," she says as she heads towards the back of the tent. Well, I can't fault Wantanabe for wanting to verify that Bishop was fit enough to do more than walk around the camp, she thinks, but frankly if he was that concerned he should have gotten himself down here and asked for a medical eval for everyone he is taking. If I have to sign off on every soldier in this camp for him so he can follow protocol...she fumes to herself.

A few moments later Sarah returns with a pen, but no paper. "Give me your hand," she says "We don't have paper to spare for this silliness, and this way there is no chance the note will get lost." When the sergeant hold out his hand, Sarah quickly scribbles the letters O.K. on the backside of his hand and signs her name. "No one here is 100%, but you should be able to handle his little mission. If he wants more details than that, tell him to stop by medical and I can bore him to tears with the medical mumbo-jumbo," she says with a hint of a smile.

She figured that Wantanabe wasn't going to appreciate her approach, but so be it. She supposed there was a time and place for rigid protocol, but this wasn't it.

"Thank you ma'am." Jake says staring at his hand for a moment with a raised eyebrow. He returns her smile for a moment before turning to leave, he stops the tent flap half open. "Again thank you." With that he heads back to find Lieutenant Lockley.


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