Ancient Transport Rings

Major Eileen Thorsson

"I'm afraid I'm at a loss for anything further to occupy your agile mind," Major Thorsson says with a slight chuckle to Findy. "Aside from possible ways to improve the 'SALP' in a hurry, or ways to improve our capability on this recon mission."

Hearing Lt. Kinkaid speaking up, Eileen turns and sreturns his salute. "Ancient tech, you say? Well, I believe Herr Doktor and Mr. Sawyer might be able to use your expertise in figuring out Icehenge. Alternatively, there is the question on why there's what appears to be an eleven-chevron Stargate somewhere on this planet."

Listening intently, he'd heard reference to this icehenge while recovering in the medical tent, "While I'm here I would be glad to give whatever help I can with this Icehenge, but if one of the expeditions is heading out to take a look at this stargate I might be better used there. Whether it's 11 chevrons, or not, a stargate would make a rescue much more likely. I'd like to do what I can to get it working if possible."

Giving a quick salute, and already seeming distracted as he goes over the possibilites, Lt. Kincaid starts to turn.

"I'll go and get my things together that I might need to figure out something like an unknown stargate. Who is leading the trip so that I can make sure they know I'm going along? Just in case I need to bring something I might not think of." He pauses, before heading out, listening for the name.

Major Thorsson

"Hold up there," Eileen says, shaking her head, but smiling at the Lieutenant's enthuiasm. "This possible Stargate is located a considerable distance across the planet, and we're still in the early stages of even trying to figure out how to get there with our resources. However, you can speak more about it to Captain Morgan, or to Ms. MacLean."

Kincaid looks a little chagrined, "sorry about that major. I got a little excited about a new stargate. I'll talk to Capt. Morgan in the morning so that she knows I'm interested in going on the expedition and I can help out with the Icehenge until then. Thanks for your time, and sorry if I interupted anything."

He nods respectfully, and turns to leave.

Findy MacLean

"You know much about boats," Findy pauses to look for the rank insignia on Kincaid's uniform, "Lieutenant?"

Lieutenant Kincaid

Kincaid looks over at Findy and grins, "yes, I know a little about boats. Why do you ask?"

Findy MacLean

"Well, there's an ocean between us and the site of this stargate. Seems to me that if the expedition is going to get there, they're going to need a boat or two. I could probably muddle my way through the concept of building one, but it'd take more than a little trial and error, and time that we don't really have. If you know what you're doing, maybe you and I, and a couple of other chaps could put our heads together and come up with some decent schematics for some?"

Lieutenant Kincaid

Smiling a little, "well I haven't built a boat in quite a while, but I'm sure that we definitely come up with one that can get us safely across. I'll jot down some ideas tonight and we can go over them later, ok?"

Major Thorsson

Eileen chuckles softly. "No worries, Lieutenant. Carry on."

She then returns to her thoughts, half-listening to Kincaid and MacLean talk. "You've got a go-ahead on Project Starboat," she says, coming up with the name on the fly. "And feel free to make it look like a Viking longship," she adds.

Grinning at Major Thorsson, "aye aye Major. Although, I think I'll forgoe the catapults."

Looking over at Findy, "I'll try and come up with some ideas tonight and we can go over them tomorrow. ok? Unless you would like to go over something today? I don't want interupt what ever you are doing here."


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