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Captain Sarah Morgan

Sarah chuckles to herself as she listens to the same rants she had heard the last couple of days as they had been lightening his sedation to bring him out of the coma. She had been worried based on the man's age and the extent of his injuries when he as brought into medical that day. He had rebounded well, but he hadn't been too keen on resting long enough to let his body heal, so they had had to take steps.

Shocked out of her reverie, Sarah sits down across the table from Friedrich rather abruptly, and then flushes furiously. Damn it, she thinks. Get a grip on yourself, Sarah. Why are you so jumpy?

She regains her composure somewhat and looks up towards von Braun. "So, you two know each other, I gather. Is he always like this?" she asks, her attempt at stern playfulness winding up much harsher than intended. "We thought it was the concussion talking when he was brought into Medical. If we had known this is how he normally is, we'd have just sent him to you to take care of."

To have knocked him out for a month it probably was pretty serious, though not necessarily life threatening or long term debilitating. So I'm guessing it was a pretty substantial blow to the head and some internal bleeding and since he isn't the example of the compliant patient, we knocked him out until he couldn't hurt himself further?
medical condition

Professor Friedrich Gottjäger

Friedrich starts talking to the air waving his fork majestically, "'Is he always like this?', Sarah asked. To which Friedrich replied, "Why, no, he is not always like this. But he is particularly peckish, and dealing with the literal angry German." He grins for a moment before taking another bite from his food. After barely chewing, he continues, "But then again, I'm sitting right here, so there's no need for us to talk in the third person." He seems to be nearing the bottom of his pile of food, so he scrapes up the last into a big pile, so it doesn't slow him down.

Sounds good to me!
Medical Condition

Sarah grins herself and addresses Friedrich directly, "Yes, but I know that I'll never get the truth out of you... with him," she nods towards von Braun, "I figure I've got at least a 5% chance of getting a straight answer."

"Good to see you up and about, though," she says picking up a bite of what appears to be eggs on her fork and putting it into her mouth before swallowing quickly and taking a gulp of coffee. She shakes her head disgustedly. "I didn't think they could make this stuff much worse than in training...."

Professor Friedrich Gottjäger

Friedrich stops, jaw agape for a moment. "You're complaining about Air Force chow? Air Force Officer chow? For the medical community? When they show you hardship in training, is it a picture, or a dictionary definition?"

Friedrich gathers his thoughts for a moment, takes a deep breath, and laughs. "Never mind all that. You just caught me off guard. I'm glad to be up and about, but what did you mean that you'll never get a straight answer out of me?"

He stops to let Sarah answer, and drinks down his second glass of... juice?

"We all are given the 'opportunity' suffer in training. Thankfully it is quite short lived." Training had been quite the joke, given her 'advanced age.' Admittedly her choice of the Air Force was a strategic one - why suffer in misery when you could suffer in (relative) comfort. Of course THAT plan had backfired... "And that still doesn't make this taste any better - especially when you hate eggs." With that Sarah shovels another forkful in her mouth and follows it by a gulp of coffee "And coffee."

Looking at the man across the table from her she replies, "Let's see, we hade to heavily sedate you to keep you in your bed long enough to let your body heal. You kept insisting that you were perfectly fine to be up and about when you could barely sit upright. If you were still suffering from a concussion, or even if you weren't, do you really think I'd believe you?"

Professor Friedrich Gottjäger

Friedrich raises an eyebrow. "You've never learned to love green eggs and ham? However do you survive?" Friedrich seems to have slowed down his eating, and is now sitting back with a groan in his seat. "And no coffee? Heathen. Infidel. Other nasty names." He yawns, covering his mouth with a hand.

"If you wanted to sedate me, just feed me like this! And if I said I was fine, I probably was. I do my best to speak truthfully." He pauses for a moment, and adds, "So I know I'm not here for the grand social scene. What needs to be done?"

"Welsh? Of course, when even the tea tastes like coffee..." she says and takes another gulp. "I can make do."

"The good doctor here has apparently decided that he needs my help figuring out how to get off this ice cube. Of course, short of having shown him how to turn on the Icehenge weeks ago, I don't really know much else about that project." Her tone is relatively lighthearted though at the same time a touch confrontational. "I dragged him in from the snow storm to hopefully get him to fill me in on his grand plan."

"Playing already, I see. Back to form in no time--zer gut. I need both your brains if we are to make zis work." von Braun mostly ignores the playful banter, a clear sign his brain is in thinking mode, for he never misses a chance to needle Eileen unless he's hard at work. "Yes, Doktor Morgan, your intuition on ze Icehenge far exceeds mine, which is why ve need you. Friedrich, on ze other hand, is good for nothing at all... unless you vant tomes of information on archaeology, history, language, or anything else zat has little to do with science. It is sad zey call zemselves Doktors too." He flashes a smirk to the other fellow, offering Sarah a conspiratorial elbow-jab.

"Another linguist, Dr. Jenkins, has tried to translate ze runes on Icehenge and come up vith nothing but a nice story. Ve need real brainpower, Friedrich--I just hope yours is still in one piece, ja?"

Sarah chuckles at the jab towards the "softer side" of her fellow degree holders, but is caught off guard by the elbow and is actually jostled a bit. Her mirth turns to chagrin when she hears of the progress.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that in all this time you think you might know how this thing is working?!?! Good god, you might actually be worse than the MDs!" the color rising in her cheeks and the hardening of her eyes betray her aggravation, even if her voice is relatively calm. "Please tell me you have at least found an index, table of contents or something. That henge has got to be a treasure trove of information, not just some fancy holo-globe." Sarah collapses her head into her hands. This was going to be painful. VERY painful. She looks up at von Braun and smiles, "this had better be some damn good Scotch."

"And Nagle and I did our best to put Humpty Dumpty back together again."

Klaus shakes his head, spreading his hands in a sort of half-hearted shrug. "Index, nein. But ve did find the last ten addresses dialed. Better than nothing, ja?"

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