Mess Tent

Captain Micheal Wantanabe

The Army Ranger watched as Findy walked into the tent just in front of him. He reports to the Major first, "Major, perimeter is secure. No further contacts have been made with anything. Lt. Lockley has command duty."

Sarah eyes Findy and her teabag curiously, if with a bit of jealousy. She'd been suffering with coffee for near on a month. Where had the tea been hiding? At this point, though, she had grown so accustomed to the near constant levels of caffeine from the coffee she wasn't sure if she would be able to stay conscious without it. Still, a nice cup of tea would taste much better than the swill in front of her.

Friedrich looks to Klaus and asks in a serious tone, "What DO we have as far as armaments go, anyway? Nothing like a good hunting rifle, I'm sure, but I'm just not a fan of those carbines kids like to run around with these days."

Sarah mutters, "Nothing that has had much of effect on the local wildlife..."

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop grins a nudge, Sarah's muttering seemed to have hit a funny button for the man.

"No Ma'am, but we haven't quite tried everything. Yet" He leans in a little closer to the group from his seat. "I unearthed a pair of short barrel M-82's and enough pieces to reassemble a couple of M-24's if either catch your fancy."

He didn't have much say in the matters mostly discussed at the table, hell didn't have much sense for the topics either. Fire arms, and assorted salvaged ordinance, well that he had a head for.

Klaus chuckles at the sergeant's suggestions. "I can say for certain that blasting them with compressed gas is not a good deterrent. But if the Major has a few more of the Goa'uld weapons, those appear to work well enough on the overgrown polar bears." He looks over to Sarah. "It is jungle up there--so instead of big white teddies we will find titanic snakes and mosquitoes the size of Folksvagens, ja?"

The physicist cracks a smile when Findy appears, tea in hand. "Ah, the mistress of MALP. Is the Hammond ring set secured? I have a sudden desire to be drenched in sweat and covered in bug bites."

Friedrich looks to Bishop with a raised eyebrow and says, "An M24? Hell YES! It'll be the closest thing going to what I use back home anyway! Just tell me we have ammo by the crate!" Friedrich looks visibly excited, wanting to get as close to some good old hunting as he can. It seems a bit of his barrier has dropped, finding something close to a kindred soul in Bishop.

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop grins, he genuinely liked someone showing enthusiasm. The smile melts as Friedrich continues.

"By the crate may be a bit excessive. Given enough time and the proper equipment I might be able to fabricate a barrel proper for the more common rounds we do have. But for now we will have to collect casings for reloading." The sheepish grin returns in short order though.

"By close do you mean a 700?" He asks, common enough hunting rifle and Bishop's off duty rifle of choice.

Findy MacLean

Findy speaks with the obvious hero worship she always has on her face when addressing von Braun-- for whatever reason, she really admires the man that everyone else seems to find grating. "Oh, yes. All locked down. We came down again in a 302, so there's no need to worry about the rings. And, incidentally, I figured out how to adapt the fighters so we can fly them through the gate to wherever we're going. Could be useful on the other side-- and I hate to throw out anything we can potentially use, you know. Waste not, want not, as the saying goes." Her tea apparently at the right concentration and her actions matching her final words, she removes the bag of tea leaves and carefully dries it off, wraps it in a cloth, and pockets it. She could get a few more uses out of it before it was exhausted.

"While I've played with the 700, my preferred weapon is actually an Israeli Mauser. Conveniently chambered in 7.62 NATO, and a nice steady platform, it's a rifle that I'm well acquainted with. Still, any proper rifle is a sight for these old eyes."

And damn it all, now that I've looked into it, I'm devilishly keen on getting one for myself!

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