Mess Tent

Sarah sees a familiar figure from the Medical tent duck out of the Mess tent. Then again, half the camp had been through the medical tent in the last few days. As she approaches, she sees Bethany running in the direction of the Mess tent as well, and turns to follow the linguist in, entering just on her heals.

"What the HELL is going on," Sarah blurts out before the tent flap manages to close behind her, obviously none too concerned with any form of propriety at the moment. Screams and gunfire were never good. Never.

Major Thorsson

"I...have no idea," Eileen says, in answer to both Bethany and Sarah, unsnapping her zat'nik'tel from her belt and activating it. "But I intend to find out in short order. Lt. Kincaid, you're with me - the rest of you, guard the tent."

And she heads back out into the cold.

Captain Sarah Morgan

Sarah looks around, quickly taking stock of who is in the Mess tent at the moment. Not many people were up yet this morning, but she quickly spotted some of the medical staff looking a bit shell shocked.

"Jenkins, MacLean, direct anyone you see wandering the camp without a weapon to take refuge here. Edelmann, go to the security tent and get some big guys with guns and have them help guard the Mess Tent and the Medical Tent." With adrenaline now coursing through her veins Sarah heads for the door and calls back over her shoulder ,"Thornton, Woldering, with me, time to get medical up for the day and ready to accept wounded."

hi ho, hi ho, its off to medical I go

Kincaid nods at the Major from where he is looking outside. "I'm right beside you Major." And he follows her outside.

The medical personal jump to Sarah's orders, most instinctively but the young 1LT Woldering with some annoyance. They scurry out behind the nurse, bound for the medical tent. Edelmann is right behind them, angling instead for the security complex on the north side of camp.

There's only a couple of people left in the mess tent, but they get busy and push some tables and chairs to the doorway as a makeshift barricade.

Findy MacLean

Not terribly concerned by the gunfire, Findy calmly packs up her designs before poking her head outside the tent to get an idea of what's going on in the area. Getting at least a vague sense of what's going on outside, she heads off towards her makeshift distillery, over where the engineering team had been working on the SALP.

(Not sure which thread I should start posting to from here, Mordae, but she's going to get involved, assuming she can make it across the compound without any incident.)

Back at the mess tent, Dr. Jenkins is warming up to a cup of "coffee" and is poring over the pictures taken by Findy. "Absolutely fascinating... Maybe it's a remote activation?" she muses between sips.

With the animal attack over, the mood of the camp is nervous but settling down to the usual early afternoon routine. It won't be more than a couple of hours before night falls and the temperatures fall to the point that the base might as well be on lock-down. Crewmen are starting to show up for dinner, and there's a conversational buzz about the big tent.

Major Thorsson

"That would seem likely. Which makes me wonder if we should try activating it from here now, before we attempt to travel to the location of the Gate," Eileen muses, her own cuppa warming her hands. "The Alterans were...reckless in their scientific endeavours at times. If they thought it was a good idea to be on the other side of the planet from their experiment..."

Findy MacLean

"There's one flaw in that plan, major, although otherwise I think I'd agree. How're we going to see what happens on the other side of the planet? If we don't have anyone there to observe, we won't have any idea what's going on out there."

Major Thorsson

"My thoughts," Eileen says with a soft chuckle, "are that if a few minutes after we activate the device we feel an earthquake, or something like that, we'll know the current plan is a Bad Idea...although I suppose using one of the 302s might be an idea."


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