Mess Tent

Captain Michael Wantanabe
Lieutenant James Lockley

The command staff of the security team sat enjoying breakfast at the Mess tent. There security numbers had increased thanks to the use of the Hand Device, and everything was going smoother now that the local wild life got the idea that they were nothing to be trifled with. In the end, the group had decided to pull the LPOPs back and just use the fox holes for security.

“Hunting teams are not a bad idea,” Lieutenant Lockley replied to the pro offered suggestion by one of the NCOs. The captain looked interested as he continued to talk, “It would push out our food stores for a while longer.”

Major Eileen Thorsson

As she enters the tent, Eileen takes stock of those present, sending a frown in Dr. Von Braun's direction, then what she hopes is a reassuring smile in Bethany's. "Is everybody present?" she asks as she collects a cup of coffee.

Everyone nods slowly, and there is a general rumble of agreement to the commander's query. One of the security NCOs looks like he's about to say something unrelated but hushes up and gives the major an inquiring glance.

"Is zis a coffee date or you have something to say, Eileen?" von Braun inquires in his usual gruff, abrasive manner.

Sarah looks up from her notepad and give the Major a nod. She had wished she could have been more involved in solving the puzzle, but she was no expert in the Ancient language or history and didn't have the engineering knack of some of the others. Still, the puzzles presented here were intriguing. She just wished a little less was riding on finding the correct, or at least best solution.

Not really giving the Major a chance to respond, Dr. von Braun stands up and begins to lecture as though it was his plan to give the brief all along. "Now, vell you have all been playing in ze snow, Doktor Jenkins, Mizz MakLean, and I have been verking our brains to zolve ze problem of getting us all off zis Gottverdammt popzicle. And ve have found ze zolution!" He bangs one fist on the metal table for emphasis, causing several nearby coffee mugs to unload small fractions of their contents into black-ish pools on the corrugated surface. His zeal and excitement also appear to be exacerbating his native accent, and as he carries on his explanation several of the crewmen begin staring at each other as though to ask, 'What did he say?'

"First, ve vill send Mizz MakLean's robotic companion--zo much more helpful than zoldiers and more obedient, too--through ze rings zo as to arrive close to ze Stargate. Meanwhile, Doktor Jenkins will dial ze Gate using a remote interface to ze Icehenge--again konstructed by Mizz MakLean--zo that when ze vermhole is achieved, ve can zend ze robot through. Ve vill repeat zis ad nauseum, or at least until ve find a hospitable locale to vich ve can all zafely relocate." The gruff German physicist pauses to take a sip of his own coffee, then continues on without bothering to ask if there are any questions.

"Before zis plan vill verk, however, ve must dispoze of ze Hammond as its rings are just in ze vay. Ich--err, ve have taken ze liberty of rigging ze necessary explozives in preparation for carrying out ze objectives. Mein Frau, if you vill do ze honors?" He reaches into his shirt pocket and produces a boxy, antennaed control with a big red button; he hands it over to Eileen with a flourish.

Findy MacLean

Findy kept silent during Von Braun's speech. She had argued against the destruction of the Hammond, but she had been outvoted and overruled, and there didn't seem to be any point in bringing it up again now. It was up to the major to decide if that was the best course of action or not, not her.

Captain Michael Wantanabe
Lieutenant James Lockley

James looks at the doctor with a bit of venom in his eyes when he makes his comment about robots being more obediant than soldiers. A solid look, and a slight shake of the head, keeps him from saying something to him.

With the mention of the explosives the army Captain jumps up out of his seat.

"Whoa wait a minute!" The captain exclaims raising his hand infront of him to get every ones attention, "One, who the hell let you get the explosives with out letting me know. Two, who told you to implament this plan with out letting the rest of the command staff know. Three, we have not had a chance to salvage the ship yet. Digging in and healing our people has been taking all of our time."

Bishop contains his surprise a little better than the Captain and only manages to nearly choke to death on his water. "An explosion capable of demolishing the Hammond will make quite a lot of noise, and we still don't know what might be listening." There is hesitation creeping into his voice when he started, where there normally would be none, as he was still uncertain about his station in the camp after the knock he took on the head. Though with Watanabe seemingly on his side he gained his confidence back rather quickly.

Sarah nods approvingly at Bishop. "I agree with Bishop," she states bluntly, looking quite flustered. "While I think the good doctor," she nods to von Braun, "is right that the Hammond is probably interfering with our ability to use the rings to get up to the gate, Bishop is right that blowing the Hammond up while in orbit will announce our presence to whoever is in this section of whatever galaxy we are in. I for one don't have a desire to stare down the Ori, or worse, in our current state. I say we let the Hammond burn up on re-entry. Less obvious, less evidence."

Looking over at Wantanabe she comments, "With all due respect, and giving credit to everyone who has been working tirelessly down on this ice block, we are going to have to carry whatever we scavenge with us. If there is anything of use left on the Hammond, then by all means we should retrieve it before destroying the ship. But we need to stop futzing around down here and get ourselves to a hopefully more hospitable location. I don't want to see what comes out of hibernation in the spring."

Irritated and on a roll she adds, "And I'd put money on that button being for show," she nods to von Braun. "That or he is as brilliant as he thinks he is and managed to rig explosives from what was left on the Hammond."

Findy MacLean

"Oh, the explosives are real enough," Findy says, noncommittally, not wanting to dredge up her arguments against destroying the ship in front of everyone. She felt the doctor deserved respect from those under him. "I helped make them. You'd be amazed what explodes if you mix it right."

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