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Game Application - Dresden Files RPG

Depths of the Coast - Forum
Dresden Files
Estimated Members Requested: 1

This is where I'll solicit the applications for the game. Threats and Themes, and we'll build from there.

Game Description:

Looking for: 2 players

Applications will be decided not on character ideas, but rather on City ideas. I'm looking for at least 2 Threats/Themes for the city from each player.

The town of Stillwater has long been a major player on the Georgia coast. It housed the Shepard Navy Base for decades, before it was forced closed in the 1970's. While that proved to be a major blow to the town's economy, it managed to recover, and offer itself as a less weird, more relaxed vacation alternative to Savannah. The "less weird" moniker is more than somewhat open to debate.

Stillwater's current population is 174,328 (Cen. 2010). It's located near highway 95, giving it a pretty serious lifeline to travel up and down the coast on land, as well as the use of the port that is still located there.

Very interested in joining your game. Here are some of my ideas for Themes and Threats:

Threat: Gimme That Ol’ Time Religion – A recent upswing in the local evangelical community is directly linked to the arrival of the House DiCulpa, a smaller house of the White Court that feeds on guilt.

Theme: San Fran of the South – Despite all of it’s Southern attitude, Stillwater has one of the most popular gay districts in the country. As is expected, both tensions and fraternizations between the gay community and the Navy sailors are common.

Threat: The Iron Pen – Lochlan Bay Penitentiary is a medium-security prison known as one of the roughest joints in the country. At any given time, there are plenty of convicts being transported to and from the prison as well as men who have served their sentences.

Theme: Swamp Things - While Stillwater is a great town that embodies the new South, the nearby swamps still leave people feeling cold. Strange things go on in the swamps and stories of everything from burying grounds for mob hits to hillbilly were-gators have been told about them.

In addition, here's my idea for my character:

Liam “Skids” O’Toole (Focused Practitioner) – Feet in the Water
High Aspect:
Ex-Con Kinetomancer
Trouble: Still On Parole
Other Aspects: School of Hard Knocks; I Ain’t No Fruit; Barely Making Ends Meet

Physical: OOOO
Social: OO
Mental: OOO

• Great (+4): Intimidation, Fists
• Good (+3): Athletics, Endurance
• Fair (+2): Burglary, Conviction, Lore
• Average (+1): Contacts, Deceit, Discipline, Guns, Might

Supernatural Powers:
• Channeling (Spirit) [-2]

Mortal Stunts:
• Subtle Menace (Intimidation)
• Armed Arts (Fists): knives and clubs
• Friends in Low Places (Contacts): +2 to Contacts rolls when dealing with criminals

Adjusted Refresh: 1

I got some themes I suppose, then I'll throw a character together after work.

Threat: In the Deep
What lives at the bottem of the swamp? What crosses the veil between worlds? The Fey thats who. Deep in the swamps, where the touch of cold iron doesn't quite reach, the darker beings of Faerie carry out their predatory habits. Wandering children have been known to have gone missing in these swamps and their bodies never found.

Threat: The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Behind the relaxed nature of the South, demons lurk in the shadows. Called up by those of wicked intent, they stalk the alleys and outskirts, waiting for unexpecting prey. Ritual killings have been found, yet the cult, or cults, remain at large and their members remained masked in shadows.

Theme: Ghostside Port
The old Navy base might be closed to the living, but the dead don't always see it in the same light. The spirits of sailors and prehaps their ships still called the base home. Futher away, the shades of the soilders of the Civil war, on certain nights of the year, continue to wage war on their northern brothers.

Theme: A White Hat Affair
When the economy crashed, a lot of realistate went up for sell. A group of well-off investors saw it as a golden oppertunity to set up shop away from the crowded streets of Savannah. They own alot of land and hold a lot of power. Not all of it legal. And not all of them are human.

Jason 'Gale' Ross (FP)
High Aspect: Windwalking Hunter (aeromancer)
Trouble: Entangled with the Fey
Other Aspects: Hunter of Men, Beasts, and Things in Between, I Made a Promise, Its All Up In the Air


Good(+3): Conviction, Disicipline, Survival, Endurence
Fair(+2) Rapport, Atheletes, Investigation, Might
Average(+1): Guns, Empathy, Lore, Stealth, Contacts

Supernatural Powers
Channaling(Wind) [-2]
Ritual(Summaning, Binding) [-2]

Focus Items: Moose-Hide Gloves(+1 Defense), Craved Bird Whistle (+1 Control)

Mortal StuntsListening(Investigation)

AR- +1

Threat: What lies beneath - Prior to closing, the Navy Base was known to carry unique cargo of unknown origin. While some sections of the base have been retro-fitted and maintain an active naval presence the majority of it has been locked down or given to the neighboring communities for use as apartments and office buildings. Reports of people seeing strange things are not uncommon.

Theme: The great divide - There is quite a difference between the wealthy and those who are struggling to get by. Many people are in debt and tensions run high when the rich prey on the disadvantaged and those struggling to find a way to make ends meet try to make those ends meet.

Theme: What did you say? - Still-Water, contrary to its name, is regularly being hit with adverse weather, from tornadoes to hard rain, that has interrupted communication and at times stopped traffic dead.

Theme - The Shadow Under Stillwater - rumors have started come out about strange and monstrous creatures lurking about the edges of town. Unbeknownst to the general community, the town has been used as a sort of safehouse for changelings and other scions escaping Nevernever politics.

Theme - Old Secrets Threaten - There are a number of buried secrets, small and large in the area, and they're threatening to be discovered. A naval investigations team has started looking into the old base, treasure hunters are poking about in the swamps and something long sealed is trying to break free.

Threat - Off Shore Troubles - small boats have started going missing off the shores, is it the unusual weather...or does Georgia have their own piracy problem...or is it something even worse?

Here are some Threats/Themes I wanted to throw out for the game and a rough sketch of the character I'm thinking of. He kind of fits into one of the Threats since it is his brother (the sorcerer) that is moving into Stillwater. I intend to work out more of the mechanics, etc once the city is fleshed out more.

Threat: Brought Back More Than War Stories-It wasn’t just German troops in the trenches that Allied forced had to deal with in WW2, all the bloodshed and terror was like a buffet for dark beings. Some of those dark beings and spirits stole a ride back to the states with the traumatized soldiers. Permeated with pain and suffering the navy hospital became their new home. With the closing of the base and hospital the creatures grew hungry again and turned their sights on the city for a new meal.

Threat: Progress Has a Price- With the difficult economy Stillwater has been looking for new industry to bolster their flagging tourism. The city board recently green lighted a plan to build Tantalus Biotech, a new biotech and biochemistry plant that would brings jobs and innovation to Stillwater. Unfortunately the company’s owner is a sorcerer, Christopher Owens, a dark path practitioner who focuses on the illicit uses of biomancy.

Theme: Stillwaters Run Deep- While Stillwater is a relatively small town it has attracted a much larger supernatural population then its size would suggest. This is due in part to the large amount of ley line energy focused in the area making Stillwater an attractive stronghold for practitioners, the Fae, and other creepy crawlies.

Theme: Leave Your Cares Behind- A beautiful and idyllic vacation spot many of Stillwater’s visitors are happy to leave their concerns behind. This can come out as a group of vacationers partying to hard or as visitors looking for dark pleasures while away from home. This reckless abandon sometimes reaches a fever pitch that many of the dark beings in Stillwater are happy to feed into.

Name: Brendan Prospero Owens
High Aspect: Lover of the green and growing (Focused Practitioner)
Trouble: My brother is a sorcerer
Other Aspects:
I bear the scars of betrayal
Slow and steady wins the race
I’m sure we can find a peaceful solution

Physical OOO
Mental OOO
Social OO

Good-Conviction, Discipline, Endurance, Lore
Fair-Alertness, Athletics, Resources, Presence
Average-Contacts, Craftsmanship, Empathy, Scholarship, Rapport

Supernatural Powers:
[-2] Channeling (Earth)
[-2] Ritual (Biomancy)
[-1] The Sight (Seen in terms of life force energy)
[-0] Soul Gaze

Focus Items
Silver Shield Torc (+1 earth defense control, +1 earth defense power)

Adjusted Refresh: 1

Ok, I was only intending to take 2 additional players, but I'm going to go with the first 4 in this thread. Very solid Threats/Themes for the city. I'll be sending the actual invites to the game, and then we can take city/character creation to the forums for the game.

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