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Rival High

Rival High - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 2e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Rival High

The setting of Rival High is deceivingly simple in it's complexity. Take an anime high school, fill it with literally every anime trope in existence and pray it entertains before exploding. That would be the simple part; time for the complex bit.

Rival High is based in Oykot, Japan. The High School itself is called Dischord High. In this school the students are standard teens between the ages of 13-18 coming from all walks of life. Each has their own motivation and their own special traits. All is fairly normal at first... until Club Day begins. After the rain of orbital lasers, mystical spells and shuriken come to an end the various clubs advertise in their designated spots. This is where the true mayhem of the school comes forth.

Each club advertises a unique learning experience for it's members. To cite a few examples, the Engineering Club consists of various techno-crazed members wielding a variety of mecha and super-tech weaponry normally restricted to military use. The Ancient Studies Club boasts great and powerful magics and bring to bear enormous summons and eldritch powers not seen in thousands of years (besides every day of school o course). The Sports Coalition is comprised of each and every sport known to man, their arsenal of exploding volleyballs and golf ball mortars bring a whole new definition to competitive play.

There are dozens of clubs within the school, each scrabbling for members that best fit their type. Once enlisted the club offers it's resources to it's new recruits and the war begins. Though the clubs have been known to work together occasionally in the past, they are incredibly competitive and petty, each striving to gather power while diminishing the rest in a battle for dominance. Above it all is the Student Council, structured with the tactical brilliance of a master chess player referred to as the King. They strive to keep order in the school and often interfere with club politics in subtle ways. Their lowest tier of henchmen - known as checkers - are a constant thorn in the side of all club members and will actively seek to disrupt any disruptions no matter how fun they may have been.

Beyond the clubs is the school's staff itself. Most of the staff have graduated not only from Mercy High itself but it's larger and more looming version Peace University. As such the teachers are suitably feared. The janitorial staff is only a rumor as none have seen any of the elusive Ninja Janitors that maintain the school. The principal is akin to a god in status, held to an untouchable status while feared and loathed in equal amounts.

With all that said, one must imagine Giant Mecha battling genki Magical Girls! Stealthy Ninja fighting swarthy Pirates! High school drama mixed with epic combat combined with childish antics and silliness. THAT is Rival High! Take a trope, run with it and see how far you get before exploding!

Tropes associate with Rival High

Though any and all trope can be found in the setting, there are a few that are near-mandatory.

Club Uniform - Every member has an associated uniform of their own design. Simply put it's their "main character" outfit, different than their school uniform. Whenever they wish to use their abilities or resources of the club, there's generally a scene where they switch outfits. This can range from a magical girl's transformation or simply grabbing the shoulder and pulling it off in a clean whoosh to reveal their Uniform beneath. No matter how ridiculous or over the top it is, every club member has one.

Simple Goal Overcomplicated - Whether you're defusing an atomic bomb or simply trying to sneak into class late, every obstacle is always super important to the character. No matter the mundanity of the punishment for failure it should always be a 200% degree of effort to succeed, such is the flavour of the setting. Example: Keichi is trying to get into class before Ryu-Sensei-Sensei does attendance. Ryu-Sensei-Sensei is at the door though, watching with steely eyes for any late students. With extreme effort, Keichi sneaks up into the ceiling tiles and stealthily attempts to sneak through the cieling to enter above the classroom before repelling down on zipcord into his chair, all without Ryu-Sensei-Sensi noticing! Tension! Drama! What terrible risk! See what I mean?

Non-Lethal Madness - Though you may have a super-laser capable of exploding the moon or a spell that calls forth a volcano to pour magma on your enemies, it will never kill a person. Totally immersed in lava? They dash out all red and with their bums on fire. Beamed with super-macross cannon? Charred black with wide eyes and comedic smoke cough. You may be crazy, but you're not murderers >_>

Collateral Damage? Better not get Caught! - Going crazy with the macross cannon? Decided that volcanoes are fun? During the battle they work great... but the aftermath is still there. If you just beamed the crap out of the schoolyard, you'd best get out of there fast before you get stuck filling in the crater. What's that? Got lava on the principal's car? Better get to work buffing that out... with a toothbrush... with 2 bristles... There are downsides to using your crazy powers. Use them as you see fit, but be wary of the repercussions.

Game Related Stuff

This game will be run via a program called MapTool with posts made on Myth-Weavers to suppliment the sessions. It will happen every Friday tentatively from Noon EST, ending whenever I'm permitted to sleep >_> I'm looking for anywhere between 5-10 players for now.

Character-wise, I have the following requirements:

Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Related Tropes:
This is for the ease of understanding your character in a nutshell.
Family/Friends/Guardian Equivalent:
Desired Club:
Power Concept/Theme:
Giant mecha? Sentai Rangers? Magical Girl powers? Eldritch sorcery? What's your poison?

Now, I know it says Mutands and Masterminds 2e. In actuality, I'll be using DC Adventures instead (M&M 3e). I find it to be cleaner and more customizable to be honest. If you know M&M 2e, DCA is nearly the same. If there are enough dissenting voices among potential players, I could revert it back to 2e >_> The power level will be announced once I hit the right number of players.

Note: Permission has been obtained to run this hybrid game (though I forgot at first X_X)

Game Description:

Rival High

As you rush around the corner you see the school gates closing, the chimes of the bell spelling your demise. Toast hanging from your mouth, you mumble a silent curse before veering off towards the parking lot to avoid being spotted by the red and black 'armbands'. Tossing your pack in the air, fabric flutters as you discard your stuff uniform for your true attire. The ground warps as you chant your spell and stone hands propell you over the wall. The fountain splashes up to cushion your landing as you rush forwards. The armbands stand before you to block your way but before you can stop a blast of energy brightens the morning sky. As the turbines spin down your classmate hops out of his power armor, it folding away into his backpack as you continue onward. An open window provides you entrance as another friend ducks your leap. The Uniform swap takes but a moment as you dash out of the bathroom towards the stairs. The final bell chimes as you arrive at the classes door and slam head first into a wall of teacher. Looking up with terror you and your ally see your reflections in Sensei's glasses. Your worst dreams have come to life... Detention!

"Betrayal is just another one of a woman's accessories. If I don't understand such a thing, I can't be a lover of women." - Lupin the Third

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I'd love to play this. I really would. But my own game is eating a lot of my free time. Anyhow, since you are trying to avoid lethality in combat, I would suggest looking at the M+M 2e Mecha and Manga. It has about three or four options for alternate damage tracks with conditions that replace the existing ones. Based on the examples, it would be easy enough to come up with a damage track based on tropes, though there is no reason more than one track could be used (one for comedic combat, one for social combat, etc).

I'd chime in as a Reader. Not sure how I can slot time in for a timezone game.

Hmm - didn't even see the timezone thing. Definitely wouldn't be able to do it in that case. My work schedule precludes having any sort of weekend free and when I do, my Pen and Paper group has priority. Hope this works out for you.

Mm, indeed. Finding free time is tricky for me >_> Assuming I go to bed when I get home (7:30am) a proper 8 hour rest would wake me at 3:30pm. I spose I could adjust the timeslot to 4pm EST at the earliest. It HAS to be some time on Friday since I run a pen n paper on Saturdays now and work every other day :P I'm perfectly fine with running into the wee hours of the morning. Provided people are able to agree on it, I can have the game start any time between 4pm EST and 2am EST, provided I get to bed by 7am again :P

Not very. The powers are moderately different but easy enough to adjust. Additionally, rather than d20 stats, it's just the modifiers; costs end up being the same. There are totally legal pdf downloads for it out there that you can find. The systems are so close that they might as well be the same. The changes are minor, but I quite like em.

Alright, I'll take a look. I'm probably going to play some sort of magical girl or other kind of magic-user, but we'll see.

Permission obtained~ My bad for forgetting that in the first place, heh

I'd like to submit a character for consideration. If chosen backstory willbe changed to suit needs.



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