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Hero University

Hero University - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Temporarily 6 openings... May reduce depending on quality and content.

See below for details, creation, allowed, banned, encouraged and premise.

Must be a regular poster.

Game Description:

You are slightly nervous. You know that your skills and abilities are greater than that of most individuals. That's why you received the invitation letter to Golden Eagle Academy for the Gifted. Yet you don't know what is going to greet you there, who else is attending, nor what mix of individuals reside there. Worse....Who your instructors might be. You look down at the letter:

Dear Gifted Individual,

I'm sure your abilities have not escaped your own attention. We have had our eye on you since your birth and have been tracking your steadily rising strengths and weaknesses. We wish to invite you to the Golden Eagle Academy for the Gifted. A school where ones of your unique abilities are welcomed and nurtured.

We wish to invite you to share in the knowledge that our instructors provide, to indulge in the comradeship provided by the other students here at our school.

Should you accept this invitation, please arrive mid-morning at 756 Dentinison Avenue, Freeport, Kings District.


Headmaster Arkmodius

The script was cursive and even the lettering was raised. There was no doubt as to the letters authenticity... Now the question was...Should you attend as you had intended...Or back out?

Roll in the character creation thread. Anything out of the ordinary should be run through me first.

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Oh wow, this looks like an interesting campaign, and it allows ToB!
Is PHB II allowed? I might consider taking a Beguiler, it's a pretty solid caster without the wizard's cheese.
Or maybe a crusader... or a swordsage... choices choices...

PHBII is partially allowed...Let me know what you'd like. Beguiler yes.

I may not have mentioned but you're only in the university for the first level. It's basically a test of your RP and ability to mix well with your players...Not to mention letting me see where you're at as players.

Okay, I'll keep that in mind while I make my character. The variant races from the MM (like grey elves and deepstone dwarves) are legit, right?

Let me know which one, what it changes, then we'll talk. :-P

I've heard bad things about deepstone dwarves but never bothered to look into it. Use your judgement though...If it's balanced it'll typically be ok for me.

My beguiler will be a grey elf. It's basically a normal elf, except that he also gets a +2 to int and a -2 to str.
So his total stat changes will be: +2 dex +2 int -2 con -2 str, and he'll gain the additional elf goodies.
This will make my beguiler useless in melee, but a good beguiler can find ways to stay out of melee.

Yep, they are. Just the regular immunity to sleep and secret door sense.

EDIT: How is the availability of magic items like scrolls and wands? Do you think it's worth investing in use magic device in your campaign?
DOUBLE EDIT: In the school rules violence is forbidden, yet all the powergroups are described as (extremely) violent, what's up with that?

*grins* You never broke the rules at school? ;-) (By the by, only the Greasers were described as being extremely violent). It was just hinted at with the other groups.

Use magic device will be...Useful...I wouldn't call it vital though. The availability is subject to capital cities>Big Cities>Large Towns>Villages in that order. Your school is country based, thus closest to Villages and Large Towns.


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