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Fresh meat needed! ~ High Level Gestalt Arena

Arena of Ascension - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Dec 19 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 20

The Arena of Ascension is a high powered, gestalt, monstrous, PvP arena that has been running since March 2009. In terms of post count, we are the biggest / most active game on the Weave. But we need some more players! Due to real life issues, we've recently lost a few longterm players and all of us gladiators would really like to get some new fighters in the mix.

So if you're up for over the top optimization, complete lack of role-playing, and getting to fight against a great group of players, then come check us out.

There is a very extensive rules thread which is pretty much required reading to enter the Arena. (How else will you know what you're doing?) Please pay special attention to the source list!

A new rule that was recently introduced that we're all pretty excited about is this:
New RuleNormal starting level is 10. But once you have a gladiator reach level 13, you can start you next gladiator at level 12. If you have a gladiator reach level 16, then you can start your next guy at level 15.

If and when you retire a gladiator at level 20, then you get expanded character creation options!

I'd recommend checking out the thread of current gladiators so you can get a feel for who / what your competition will be. Feel free to pop into the Green Room and say hi, introduce yourself, ask questions, etc. The group of players we have right now are all very knowledgeable and very helpful.

Or you can ask questions here of course!

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I am interested, I will see what I can come up with, just a question since it wasn't really clear. Are psionic character completely banned?

psionic powers/Psi like abilities are - Soulblade (the class) is allowed - as are other feats/spells/items etc.

You can be a psion or wilder if you want access to power points or a psicrystal or whatever. But you just can't manifest any powers.

Interested... I think?

Outside of a PbP I'm doing with some friends doing a Facebook group this'll be my first PbP, so I suppose I'll give it a try! Assuming I can figure out what the rules mean (Once I get to looking at them,lol) Expect a swordsage to be coming your way once I figure out where I should be posting my sheet, and just how I'm supposed to go about doing that! (And assumin swordsages have been given the green light... again, gunna be reading the rules, I promise!)

Swordsage is definitely OK. But this is gestalt, so you'll need to come up with something for the other half.

As for the sheet, post a link to it here or in the forum and I'll review it. Or I can get you a private thread so we can discuss things further.

I'm interested in playing this, actually very much so, but I'm not that good at optimizing. Will I still get something from this and/or are there people there who might be helpful enough to point me in the right direction?

people in the arena are gnereally helpfull - if you come up with a concept or a general idia iam sure someone can advise on spesifics.


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