Intros and OOC

Intros and OOC

Introduce yourselves to the group here and use this thread throughout the game for any questions or general OOC comments.

My name is Gary. I'm 42, married w/ 2 kids, & have been playing since high school. And yes, I STILL own my original boxed sets, but have long lost my original chanmail books!

I had a long hiatus from D&D when my kids were young but they have started playing with me over the last few years. We've had a few summer reunions with the old group from the 80's. I play RPGA events when I can but I also enjoy writing as a hobby & figured PbP would be a good outlet. I work online nearly every day so checking in and posting is very convenient.

Hello. I started playing D&D when I was in kindergarten, with my father's 1st edition books from "back in the day." He wasn't aware that there were 2nd and 3rd editions, or that people even played the game anymore. I'm therefore among the few people under 20 who have played 1st edition extensively.

I started playing PbP because me and all my friends are taking half a dozen AP/IB classes each and don't have time to sit around all day playing D&D.

Character sheet is here:

I may tweak it some before the game starts.

My name is Lyon. I've also played D&D since 1st edition. I enjoy writing and creating, and almost always play as the DM. I've enjoyed PbP since discovering it last fall, as it gives me an outlet for both writing and actually playing.

My first experience with D&D was with the first "red boxed set" sometime in the early 80's, and I've been an avid fantasy rpg'er ever since, albeit with considerably less time than I had in grade school and high school.

Welcome Yakiniku and Lyon. I played quite a bit of 'red box' too, mostly as DM. I joined the RPGA about 2 years ago so that I could play (finally). I still DM a few times a year for the old gang, but with 3.5 rules now.

Hope you have a good time.

My name is Dennis, i'm from Indiana 27 years old... single, and no kids, I hope.
I've been playing since 1st edition, my neighbor got me hooked on it. Since then i've continued on to a few 2nd edition campaigns, and now 3.5. I have played quite a bit more play by post and pbem than i have played tabletop.

Hey there. Name's JD and I'm 28. Been playing D&D since 1988 back during 2nd ed. AD&D. I started PbP D&D about 2 years ago on but made the switch to mythweavers almost a year ago. I love it because I can still game without having to devote large chunks of time to a weekly game session.
My son is too young to game, but he loves to throw my dice, so it's a start : )

Hey. I started on the basic set (which I supose, now I think of it, came in a red box) and moved on to 2nd ed AD&D. I took a break when my brother and I grew out of playing table top, but came back, about a year ago, when I discovered pbp and 3.5. I only found Mythweavers about 6 months ago but I am hooked.

Greetings, fellow adventurers!! My name is Dave, but you can call me TK if ya want. I'm used to it.

Like many others here, I also cut my teeth on the old red box (the one with the Elmore painting). Got my set on xmas 1983 and been hooked ever since. Unfortunately, my father got bitten by the religous bug (JACK FRICKIN' CHICK!!) that was going around a few months later and I was banned from D&D. Well, that didn't stop me! I read the AD&D books in school, and when 2nd Edition came out, I bought the player's handbook and began DMing almost exclusively (I got caught buying the DMs guide though..oops! So i used the 1st Edtion DM Guide that I snuck in the house hehe)

And now here we are at 3.5. Still trying to play although real life can be brutal. All my friends have moved away, and I have two kids now (girl 2.5, boy 4 months) so my game time is limited. Until I discovered Myth Weavers. Now I can play as many games as I have time for, and I even just started running my first PbP here as well.

In addition to D&D, I also play HARP (from Iron Crown Enterprises, think of it as a lighter version of Rolemaster) and have played MERP and Rolemaster extensively in my younger years. In the 90's we played Earthdawn and Shadowrun too.

Looking forward to a great campaign with you all!

Oh, and don't worry about my father. He has since come around and accepts D&D and the fantasy literature once again.

If it's okay, I just switched one of my prohibited schools from divination to illusion.

Originally Posted by Yakiniku View Post
If it's okay, I just switched one of my prohibited schools from divination to illusion.
No problem. Feel free to make minor tweaks until the group is together.

Edit: Now that I'm NOT reading this from work I just realized you cant give up divination!


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