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Random would consider adding this magic item from the Magic Item Compendium to our loot some time in the future?

Artificer's Monocle
Price (Item Level): 1,500 gp (5th)
Body Slot: Face
Caster Level: 5th
Aura: Faint; (DC 17) Divination
Activation: See Text
Weight: --
Putting on a monocle is a standard action. While wearing an artificer's monocle, whenever you successfully use your artificer knowledge class feature to detect an items aura or you cast detect magic and have at least 5 ranks of Knowledge (arcana), you can spend 1 additional minute studying the item. If you do, you can identify the abilities of that item as if you had cast identify upon it.

I kind of lost track of this the past few days. Were you intending to go to Southspur or return to the fair and talk to Shella?

Sorry, guess this one kinda slipped by for a few days. Burin would rather deal with the rats first. We know where they are and can just go smash them (well, that's what HE thinks anyhow) without needing to do a bunch of tedious investigating.

I don't think we want Arzag to do a Diplomacy check, so I'll wait form someone else to start.

Markis is highest with +2, then Daphne and Arzag at 0, and Burin at -1.

I guess that would be a no.

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