Intros and OOC

I'm replacing my computer and moving files tonight, then working late tomorrow. Next update will be Friday.

Did the group take two or three days to shop / identify? We have some diseases that are about to kick in.

Let's call it two just to keep moving. I think I said 'day after tomorrow' for one of the items.

Everyone would heal 10 hp in two days. I'll update that on the game table and post how Burin is feeling in the Brindinford thread.

Can't believe I forgot to power attack. Doh! And of course, those will be the last good rolls I'll see this encounter.

I'll be traveling quite a bit the next few weeks which will affect my posting. Here's what's coming:
  • March 22-23 Overnight business trip. I'll either be on a plane or in a meeting these two days so no posting. Look for catchup posts on Saturday.
  • March 29 - April 1 Quick vacation with family. Not very likely to be posting.
  • April 2-7 Business trip. Probably able to post most evenings.
I should be back on a normal routine after Easter.

I'm pretty sure with those rolls, Arzag gets the crit. I'm also sure that his mace does a good bit more damage than the crossbow he actually rolled for

It does but only his strength bonus (+2). I hits easier (+5 vs +3).

I hadn't noticed it was the wrong weapon

Since Arzag will go last (no doubt), you can add the Bull strength onto his attack and damage.

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