Intros and OOC

We were given a choice work every saturday and Sunday for the rest of the year or a few weeks at 12 hours mon-fri.

Ow. I'd do the same though - get it over with.

Here's the short list of unidentified things from the bell tower:
  • 2x gems
  • rapier
  • 2x potion
  • scroll

So the we have two magic gems and a magic rapier? I will have to dedicate three spell slots to Identify after their rest. I can identify the scroll now with a read magic cantrip and can try to identify the potions with spellcraft.

So the scroll is Summon Monster II but it can only summon one kind of creature? If I add it to my spellbook it still only can summon that one kind of creature?

Arzag would be fine with doing a Detect Magic

This is kind of a special case for this scroll. Markis can read it fine so it is definitely arcane, but he would have an uneasy feeling about it and might think twice about scribing it. (Remember there were other types of magic in the tower that Markis would not be associated with.) Heck, he might not even want to use it!

But that's just my speculation.

Presumably Daphne got hit points back overnight.

Arzag, there are 2 people sick if you have Cure Disease (hint).

I don't really care about the filth fever, but those darn negative levels...

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