Intros and OOC

Power is out, and we lost a large pine that missed the house. I am posting from work.

Now we have to worry that our flight to Toronto for the World Fantasy Convention will be cancelled, since the storm is moving north and there are a lot of disruptions with plane schedules.

Update! Power is back as are TV/Phone/Internet. I trimmed the tree that fell so that it isn't blocking the driveway and someone is coming to take a look to get it cut up and hauled away.

And we are off to WFC in Toronto tomorrow.

We'll be heading up to Altoona, PA Thur afternoon. Won't be back until Sunday evening. Hotel is supposed to have wifi but I don't know how much we'll be able to post.

Ha! Arzag must have found some easily impressed dwarves.

Climb DC is only 5 with wall + rope. Arzag did fall but hadn't gained any height yet so no damage.

Remember your init rolls too.

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