Intros and OOC

Thanks bloodrever - no problem.

We haven't heard from slinkman00 for a little over two weeks. I've sent him email and PM to check his interest. I'll NPC Ethanius until April 31.

Still no word from slinkman. I'll post for a replacement May 1 if we dont hear anything by then.

I will be at a convention this weekend. My first chance to post will be Sunday night / Monday morning. Go ahead and finish posting for the current round - I'll sort it out in my next post.

Originally Posted by LyonV
Wincing slightly at the pain still stinging his wounded leg
Sorry I don't often play clerics, I have been neglecting Garonn's role as healer.

Originally Posted by tacet pressim View Post
Sorry I don't often play clerics, I have been neglecting Garonn's role as healer.
I thought about it briefly, but figured Ashton isn't the type to ask for anything of that sort unless in "dire" need.

He's not foolish enough to refuse divine healing if it was offered to him however.

I just accepted Arin Sorrowind into the game. (Sorry TP - one "dwarven lockpick" in the group is plenty! Besides, if Garonn had someone to commiserate with he might lose his, um, loveable nature. )

Hopefully the character gets prepared shortly. There's a few places to work him in coming up.

Hi Death_of_Seasons,

Just to let you know I voted for the dwarf, but at least you're not playing another elf, pure bred or bitsa.

Welcome aboard!

New character update

The new PC is just about to meet Ashton - its just taking a little longer than I thought. Their posting schedules are a bit off so there may be as much as a full day between posts.

Game time in the round room, it's only been a minute or two so the group really isnt too concerned yet. Thanks for your patience. I'm sure the pace will pick up when we are all back together again.

Death and LyonV - If you like we can assume Ashton and Arin meet peacefully and Arin convinces Ashton to take him to meet the others. Just post confirmation here or in the Ravine thread & we'll move things along.

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