Intros and OOC

tacet, I understand your question.

I think it was just being in the character's mindsets. Especially after a hellacious storm as Random described, and being soaked and cold, one would understandably WANT rest, whether they get it or not.

I know for a mechanics view, we don't necessarily feel fatigue yet, but it is just a quirk of roleplaying I guess.

Rane will certainly press on with the group, though she may complain from time to time. Wet leather armor will that to ya.

Well, from a meta-game perspective, I thought we had traveled all day and night was falling. I also thought we were about to go into the Sunless Citadel, which I think is a fairly lengthy adventure. So I thought we should rest at the entryway, which would be safer than in the middle of the dungeon.

From a literary point of view, my character doesn't think of himself as an adventurer yet, so he won't necessarily jump at the chance for danger and treasure. He's a level 1 elf wizard, and he's very squishy.

Seems like it's a moot point now, though.

In all truth, I dont think anyone is hoping to get far in the adventure. But scouting out the immediate area is not a bad idea. My character however is a thief... scouting is necessary, but not his driving desire. guess what is.

Ok, somethings been driving me nuts the past few days. I've looked through the help files & can't seem to find it . . .what tag are you using to make those cool little OOC buttons?

That's it!!! (Figures - the one without a mouse-over description.)

Thanks TK.

Sorry I am not sure whether I made it clear or not but Garonn has seen something other than the heads beyond the torch light. He is not just insane .

Quite right Tacet. I was just waiting for everyone to post before Rane freaks out. Her first undead (or what I perceive to be undead) and all...

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