Intros and OOC

I would, but appraise is probably something that I should not know the actual roll. I may appraise it totally wrong. lol

Oh. You're right, of course.

Maybe there should be a form of the "private" tag that prevents the poster from seeing the content.

Go ahead and make the roll if you like. In general include whatever rolls you want and I'll let you know the results in a narrative. Over rolling can drag a tabletop game down but for PbP it actually helps move things along.

I'll make group rolls for things like automatic listen and spot, so you don't have to worry about them.

hey random, just letting you know i didn't forget to post, just trying to find some time today to do it. work is being crappy, and i'm fighting a cold. if you need to move along, feel free to make whatever check is necessary.

Thanks for the heads up TK. I think you had already posted by the time I saw this!

One thing I forgot to have you all discuss was division of treasure. Do you want to use adventurer's standard or everyone for themselves?

Adventurer's standard is explained in the PHB, p 167. Basically its sell everything and split the profits equally. If a character wants to keep an item he deducts the sale value (usually 50% of the item value) from his profits. If two characters want the same item they can bid on it opening with the sale value.

Everyone for themselves usually turns into one or two characters having all the wealth because their posting schedule is close to the GM's.

Let me know what you think & we'll make it a house rule.

Standard is good. My character doesn't quite trust everyone yet, but he'll be willing to share once he they've become a regular adventuring party.


I'm not picky, so standard is fine by me if that's easiest for you and is what everyone else wants to do. However, an alternative that I prefer to both options present is to handle treasure division entirely OOC and assume that the character's sorted it out among themselves "off stage". One option is to have a separate thread for the DM to post acquired treasure (not the small stuff, but significant treasures). The discussion about who could best use what and so on could then take place there. It allows for more interaction and choice than the standard system while largely, though not entirely, avoiding the problem of posting schedules

Dividing in character or OOC is fine too, whatever the group prefers. The Encounters - Encouter History thread lists treasure and XP gained per encounter.

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