Encounter History

Just as they entered a bugbear lair, the bugbear appeared with his pet rats. Rane was badly injured before the group killed the bugbear.

XP: 160 each

two shortspears (1 gp each)
six javelins (1 gp each)
longsword (15 gp)
bastard sword (35 gp)
140 gp
green potion of magic fang (50 gp)
backpack (2 gp)
six javelins (1 gp each)
waterskin (1 gp)
bedroll (1 sp)
small sack (1 sp)
orange potion: protect from energy-fire 750 gp
165 sp
10 gp
scale mail (50 gp)
VERY NICE morningstar: +1 2308 gp

The group discovered a hall with several doors. Snoring was heard at one door. Rane and E'ranale snuck inside and killed two goblins in their sleep.

XP: 40 each

Treasure: none

More goblins were found mashing roots for some kind of brew. Shard and Burin quickly dispatched them. Meanwhile still more goblins attacked the others in the hall.

XP: 120 each
Treasure: 210 gp

The group walked in on a bugbear tending a garden in a large gallery. Shard was badly wounded before Markis clouded the bugbear's mind. E'ranale's arrow ended the threat.

XP: 120 each
240 gp
7 flasks of acid (10 gp each)
1 odd vial of brownish green liquid: fertilizer 30 gp

A group of goblins was discovered harvesting mushrooms. They were quickly dispatched.

XP: 80 each
160 gp
healers kit (50 gp)

An intensely heated worm-like beast attacked Rane in a mushroom filled room. E'ranale and Burin made short work of it.

XP: 120 each

Three skeletons were found grooming a room for a new mushroom crop. Shard destroyed them easily.

XP: 60 each

A bugbear was discovered clearing more burned fungus. Burin prevailed in a toe-to-toe fight after E'ranale's opening shot.

XP: 120 each
52 gp

The group returned to the kobold area to rest and recover spells.


XP Totals
Rane - 2916
Markis - 2624
Shard - 2420
Burin - 2290
E'ranale - 1900

Shard was surprised by a shadow as she moved to examine a dragon statue. She destroyed it.

34 gp
2 flasks: alchemist fire, 20 gp ea
set of pipes: pipes of the sewer, 1150 gp

XP Totals
Rane - 3096 (Level 3)
Markis - 2804
Shard - 2600
Burin - 2470
E'ranale - 2080


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