Encounter History

An old library was found. Rane and Markis dug through the remains.

a book: Tome of Dragon Lore (150gp)
scroll, pyrotechnics (150gp)

XP Totals
Rane - 3096
Markis - 2804
Shard - 2600
Burin - 2470
E'ranale - 2080

Another room full of notes and books was discovered. One of the books exploded in Markis' face as he opened it!

180 each
Druidic Manual (150gp)
2 scrolls: divine-entangle (25gp) and divine-delay poison (150gp)

XP Totals
Rane - 3276
Markis - 2984
Shard - 2780
Burin - 2650
E'ranale - 2260

The next room had four goblins collecting more plant material. They were quickly dispatched.

80 each

70 sp

XP Totals
Rane - 3356
Markis - 3064 (Level 3)
Shard - 2860
Burin - 2730
E'ranale - 2340

The group was
Pun intended
bush-whacked as they entered the twilight grove. It was the PCs who did most of the whacking!

200 each


XP Totals
Rane - 3556
Markis - 3264
Shard - 3060 (Level 3)
Burin - 2930
E'ranale - 2540

The group discovered the missing Hucrele daughter and paladin. Unfortunately they were beyond rescue and had completely succumbed to Belak and the vampiric Gulthias tree. A major battle ensued - Rane summoned rats, Markis enlarged Burin and Shard for melee, E'ranale killed Belak in mid-summoning. Eventually the heroes prevailed but Burin's axe was shattered by a magical sword.

450 each

3 backpacks (6 gp)
sling (0)
10 sling stones (0)
MW sickle (153 gp)
3 smokesticks (30 gp)
2 antitoxins (50 gp)
2 potion, CLW (50 gp)
wand, entangle
signet ring, Sharwyn (reward)
2 shortbows (30 gp)
14 arrows (0)
staff (0)
2 waterskins (1 gp)
2 bedrolls (0)
2 sacks (0)
2 flint / steel (1 gp)
bullseye lantern (6 gp)
5 pints oil (0)
50 ft silk rope (5 gp)
spellbook-L1:cause fear,charm person,color spray,identify,lesser orb fire,magic missile,silent image,sleep,summon monster I,L2-bulls strength,entice gift(draconomicon),glitterdust(775gp)
scale mail (25 gp)
Shatterspike (magic longsword)
holy symbol (0)
365 gp
4 gems (75 gp total)
(I'm showing the sale value of items here. If there is no value shown you will have to have the item appraised or identified.)

XP Totals
Rane - 4006
Markis - 3714
Shard - 3510
Burin - 3380 (Level 3)
E'ranale - 2990

After finding a secret tunnel, the group reached the tomb of the Dragonpriest and defeated it after releasing it from it's sarcophagus.

360 each

MW dagger (302 gp)
ring (50 gp)
amulet (100 gp)
2 silver dragon bracelets (25 gp each)
everburning torch (110 gp)
220 sp
50 gp
four divine scrolls: command, clw, soften earth/stone, magic stone (225gp total)

XP Totals
Rane - 4366
Markis - 4074
Shard - 3870
Burin - 3740
E'ranale - 3350 (Level 3)

Shard tried to blow out a candle on an alter in a secret crypt. The skeletal occupants didn't appreciate this and attacked, but were quickly dispatched.

60 each

Everburning candle (110 gp)
potion endure element(fire) (50 gp)
Azan-gund "Night Caller": This whistle is carved from rare
transparent iron (nephclium), and it resembles a small dragon
curled up like a snail. The name Azan-gund is etched on the whistle
in Dwarven runes. A detect magic spell reveals a faint necromantic
aura, while an identify spell reveals how the item works.
When the whistle is blown over a grave in darkness or at night,
one corpse below animates, as per animate dead cast at 5th level,
and claws its way out (if interred in soft earth or under loose
stones). The zombie serves the whistler faithfully until it is
destroyed. A bearer can use the whistle once per week; however,
the whistler can acquire no more than two zombie followers at
any one rime using Azan-gund. Good-aligned characters risk an
alignment change if they use it regularly. A successful Knowledge
(arcana) check or bardic knowledge check (DC 15) reveals that
ancient źdark╗ dwarves made several such whistles for various
groups in an age past.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Enchant Wondrous Item, animate
dead, Profession (blacksmith), 1 lb. of nephelium; Market Price:
3,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

XP Totals
Rane - 4426
Markis - 4134
Shard - 33930
Burin - 3800
E'ranale - 3410

Forge of Fury

The group found the entrance to Khundrakar high on a mountain hill. The entrance was guarded by orc sentries who were quickly eliminated.

60 each


XP Totals
Rane - 4486
Markis - 4194
Shard - 3990
Burin - 3860
E'ranale - 3470

More orc sentries guarded a rope bridge crossing a deep gorge. The party made it's way across before the orcs could cut the ropes.

150 each


XP Totals
Rane - 4636
Markis - 4344
Shard - 4140
Burin - 4010
E'ranale - 3470

After being freed, Pris joins the group and finds a secret door. Rane, meanwhile, uncovered a locked box nearby.


225 gp
vial holy water

XP Totals
Rane - 4636
Markis - 4344
Shard - 4140
Burin - 4010
E'ranale - 3470
Pris - 3000


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