Encounter History

The group followed a secret passage to the quarters of an orc shaman and her followers. The shaman tried to flee into an adjacent hall, but was cut down before she could escape. Then several flying creatures swarmed on the party.

225 each for the orcs
150 each for the stirges

500 SP

XP Totals
Rane - 5011
Markis - 4710
Shard - 4515
Burin - 4385
E'ranale - 3995
Pris - 3375

Following a stairway cut from the stone down into the mountain, the group diverted to follow a stream. As the rappelled down a waterfall they were attacked by more stirges disturbed in their nest. E'ranale's display of marksmanship quickly overcame the threat.

200 each

50 gp
wand: light (48 charges, 360 gp)

XP Totals
Rane - 5211
Markis - 4919
Shard - 4715
Burin - 4585
E'ranale - 4195
Pris - 3575


The group followed the stream into a large cavern. As they entered, Pris spotted several stirges roosting on the ceiling and warned the others just as they attacked.

150 each


XP Totals
Rane - 5361
Markis - 5069
Shard - 4865
Burin - 4735
E'ranale - 4345
Pris - 3725

The group was ambushed by two reptilian creatures in a large cavern.

100 each


XP Totals
Rane - 5461
Markis - 5169
Shard - 4965
Burin - 4935
E'ranale - 4445
Pris - 3825

The group discovered a skeleton covered in mold grasping an axe. Shard was overcome by yellow mold as she took the axe from the skeleton.

450 each

+1 greataxe (2320 gp)

XP Totals
Rane - 5911
Markis - 5619
Shard - 5415
Burin - 5285
E'ranale - 4895
Pris - 4275

A large cavern was found, covered in benign fungus. The group was following a trail toward a pair of iron doors when they were ambushed by a pair of gricks.

300 each


XP Totals
Rane - 6211 (level 4)
Markis - 5919
Shard - 5715
Burin - 5585
E'ranale - 5195
Pris - 4575

The party followed a stream back into a dark cave where they discovered a large lizard in a side cavern guarding two treasure chests. E'ranale calmed the lizard while Rane retrieved the chests.

100 each

2200 sp
potion:jump (50 gp)
potion:water breathing (750 gp)
XP Totals
Rane - 6311
Markis - 6019 (level 4)
Shard - 5815
Burin - 5685
E'ranale - 5295
Pris - 4675

The group was ambushed as they entered another large cavern hung with rotting game and orc carcasses.

120 each


XP Totals
Rane - 6431
Markis - 6139
Shard - 5935
Burin - 5805
E'ranale - 5415

The group found a troglodyte outpost and fought off the guards.

300 each

140 gp in various pockets and pouches

XP Totals
Rane - 6731 (final encounter)
Markis - 6439
Burin - 6105 (4th level)
E'ranale - 5715 (final encounter)
Meryl - 5700

Story to date

Before Rane leaves she tells about how the group fist met ...

It was a cold spring night. I was travelling south of Mitrik through the foothills of the Lortmils when the storm struck. Within moments the weather turned violent - lightning strikes all around. I saw a cave up a short slope and decided to shelter there. Other travellers arrived. We spoke a truce in the face of greater danger outside.

As we tried to light a fire a ferocious thunderclap shook the land. The back wall of the cave collapsed revealing a passage. We decided to explore and found (among other vile things) the tomb of an ancient Ur-Flan warrior. We battled the undead manifestation and discovered some items of value. On the morning we turned to the nearest town, Oakhurst, to divide our spoils.

Markis continues with the tale of the Sunless Citadel ...

I met the group as they sold their wares in the local mercantile. The proprieter, Ms. Hucrele, had two adult offspring who had recently gone missing. They had headed an exploration of a local ruins in hopes of raising funds for a store of their own. As it turns out, the group was in need of a mage as I happened upon them.

The ruins were the remains of an old citadel that had fallen into a crevace long ago. Goblin and kobold tribes had taken over parts of the upper level and were warring. We struck a bargain (out of necessity) with the kobold leader. The goblins had stolen the kobolds' pet dragon - a young white named Calcryx. The dragon's keeper, a cowardly kobold named Meepo, traveled into the goblin lair with us in hopes of a rescue. In return, we were granted free passage through the kobold area which was the only means available to access the rest of the citadel. As we searched the goblin areas we found one of the party whom we saught - the ranger had been killed by a pack of dire rats.

We also came across a cell block of sorts. There we freed an olve cleric who joined our cause. Shard she was called and recently fell ill to a patch of poisonous fungi. She heals now in Blasingdell.

But I digress. When we found the dragon it turned immediately on Meepo, killing him! We slew the dragon as it had obviously gone rogue. Our explanation to the kobold leader was satisfactory and she kept her part of the deal. Asking that we continue to press the attack on the goblins.

Oddly, the goblins had been making a biannual visit to Oakhurst. They brought with them each summer a perfect red apple that acted as a potent healing agent. Each winter they brought a perfect albino apple which was a potent poison. They auctioned the apples to the highest bidder. The Hucrele's evidently saught to strike an exclusive arrangement.

Fighting our way deeper into the castle, we uncovered some of it's history. Evidently it was the home of a cult long ago dedicated to the red dragon Ashardalon. Rane was familiar with the legend and explained that the creature had sacked a nearby plain, scorching the earth. To this day only the barest of weeds and grasses grow there.

We overcame many undead remnants of the cult and other natural denizens that had taken roost there. We finally found the Hucrele's with the source of the apples. An evil druid had moved in and grown a perverted apple tree in a subterrainean grove. Evidently the tree had sprouted from a stake used to kill a vampire, Gulthias or some such. The Hucrele's had been taken captive by the goblins (who worked as agents of the druid) and were lost to some sort of supplicant ritual to nuture the tree. Shard was to be the next meal. We overcame the druid and the possessed Hucrele's and returned to Oakhurst with the terrible news.

Burin continues the story ...

Ye left off the more interesting bits, olve. There was a scroll in th' dragon's hoard - a bit o' dwur historical value that mentioned a place called 'Khundrukar' which translates to 'Th' Glitterhame'. There was mention o' a Durgeddon th' Black too. The merchant Hucrele remembered a traveller from Blasingdell who talked about some weapons forged by a Durgeddon. We decided to come down here to trace th' history some, maybe get some coin fer the scroll.

We found the area ta be swarmin' with orcs. A local dwur priest who we knew from Oakhurst, Garonn, told us about an ol' dwarven hold in the hills nearby. We knocked off an orc scoutin' party to get in - don't know if there's more upstairs though. At any rate, here we are in Khudrakar, fightin off these walkin' lizards that smell worse than a ripe orc patrol that's been out a week.

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