Encounter History

Speaker in Dreams - 12f

The heroes were ambushed by wererats hiding in the shadows and perched on beams above. Volleys of arrows were exchanged until Markis chased them from their hiding places with several spells. Daphne waited above while the leader excaped toward her. She was able to surprise him but found herself in a duel with a highly skilled swordsman. The others arrived just in time to assist.

500 each


XP Totals
Markis - 13,019
Burin - 12,760
Daphne - 13,040
Arzag - 12,675

Speaker in Dreams - 12g

Moments after defeating the wererats, the heroes were attacked by gargoyles! Daphne was knocked unconscious and Burin was without his favored axe. Again Markis was able to turn the tide by blinding the beasts while Burin grabbed Daphne's rapier. The dwur gained new respect for the tiny blade as he sliced viciously through the disabled gargoyles.

500 each

rapier +1 (2320 gp)
2 potions (cats grace (300 gp), haste (750 gp))
scroll (summon monster II - Alien Squid) (150 gp)
MW thieves tools (100 gp)
300 gp

XP Totals
Markis - 13,519
Burin - 13,260
Daphne - 13,540
Arzag - 13,175

Speaker in Dreams - 9

The heroes headed for Southspur to investigate the grisly murders. As they arrived a group of grey skinned humanoids attacked a street stage. The heroes stopped the attack and saved a group of onllokers and the actors.

375 each


XP Totals
Markis - 13,894
Burin - 13,635
Daphne - 13,915
Arzag - 13,550

Speaker in Dreams - 10

The group discovered an abandoned warehouse near the stage. After entering through an open window on the second floor the building went pitch black and they were attacked by a powerful grey skinned creature and two others, but successfully fought off the assault.

900 each

+1 battleaxe (2310 GP)
ring force shield (8500 GP)
mw leather armor (160 GP)
3 vials giant wasp (210 GP ea)
2 vials shadow essence (250 GP ea)
1 vial deathblade (1800 GP)
100 GP
ring prot +1 (2000 GP)
black pearl (600 GP)
scrolls: summon monster I, enlarge (50 GP), shield, tongues (400 GP), hold person, summon natures ally II (300 GP), Summon monster II, mount (175 GP)

XP Totals
Markis - 14,794
Burin - 14,535
Daphne - 14,815
Arzag - 14,450

Speaker in Dreams - 13

Entering the neighborhood of Silver Hill, the heroes experienced an odd sensation of vertigo which was immediately followed by the appearance of two monstrous worms in a pool of blue slime in the middle of the street. Daphne and Burin were in immediate danger of being eaten alive when Markis caused both worms to fall unconscious! As the dwur finished the worms off, the creatures vanished into mist then the pool imploded into itself.

750 each


XP Totals
Markis - 15,544 (level 6)
Burin - 15,285 (level 6)
Daphne - 15,565 (level 6)
Arzag - 15,200 (level 6)

Speaker in Dreams - 14

The heroes were headed to visit Alein, a paladin of Heironeous, when her shrine was discovered shrouded in an unnatural mist. They reunited with Shard just outside when a scream was heard. A paladin exited the shrine and collapsed. The heroes ran to aid her and slew her two attackers. One had been seen before at a crime scene at a neighborhood bookstore.

240 each

(2) mw light crossbow (335 each)
potion:cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
potion:invisibility (300 gp)
potion:cats grace (300 gp)
potion:blur (300 gp)
potion:eagles splendor (300 gp)
potion:levitate (300 gp)
scroll: (2)color spray, (2)shield (100 gp)
scroll:disguise self, enlarge person, (2)sleep (100 gp);
wand:burning hands (49 charges) (735 gp)
wand: color spray (750 gp)

XP Totals
Burin - 15,525
Daphne - 15,805
Arzag - 15,440
Xia - 15,240
Shard - 15,240

Speaker in Dreams - 15 e-f

The heroes investigated the bookstore, finding it an unnerving place. As they made their way upstairs they were attacked by a pair of cultist who temporarily blinded several in the group. The cultists retreated to the top floor where an eerie mists drifted down the stair. The heroes entered the mist to battle another great worm and the cultists along with their leader. From behind, an abomination stalked them up the stair.

1500 each

potion:clw (50 gp)
(3) mw light crossbow (335 each)
(70) mw bolts (6.1 each)
+1 morningstar (2308 gp)
ring: protection +1 (2000 gp)
ring:jumping (2500 gp)
slippers spider climb (4800 gp)
wand:light (375 gp)
wand:magic missile L5 17 charges (1275 gp)
bracers:armor +1 (1000 gp)
brooch shielding (1500 gp)

XP Totals
Burin - 17,025
Daphne - 17,305
Arzag - 16,940
Xia - 16,740 (leaves the group)
Shard - 16,740

Speaker in Dreams - 15d

The heroes discovered the kidnapped paladin, Alein, in the basement of the bookshop. A great feast is held to honor their heroic feat and defeat of the cult!

600 each

(2) mw light crossbow (335 each)
dust of appearance (1800 gp)
potion:jump (50 gp)
potion:spider climb (300 gp)
wand:shocking grasp (750 gp)
(4) screaming bolts (267 gp each)

XP Totals
Burin - 17,625
Daphne - 17,905
Arzag - 17,540
Shard - 17,340
Glacian - 15,000

Speaker in Dreams - 17

While walking home from a celebratory feast in their honor, the heroes were ambushed by an ogre mage. It was evidently allied with the cult as a cabalist was there to reinforce. An evil cleric was also present. Daphne spotted more assailants retreating into shadows when the ogre mage was killed.

1080 each

270 PP
Phylactery of faithfulness (1000 GP)
wand of detect magic (375 GP)

XP Totals
Daphne - 18,985
Burin - 18,705
Arzag - 18,620
Shard - 18,420
Glacian - 16,080

Speaker in Dreams - 24a

After the baron declared the priests of Pelor outlaws and sealed the gates, he instituted martial law. The town lives now in fear! The heroes went to the temple of Pelor to investigate and found it occupied by the devil they witnessed accompanying the baron. The heroes prevailed in a significant battle.

1080 each


XP Totals
Daphne - 20,065
Burin - 19,785
Arzag - 19,700
Shard - 19,500
Glacian - 17,160


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