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3.5 Arrow Compendium!

3.5 Arrow Index!

I am sick of looking about online for lists of arrows and have decided to make my own. This is a good place to put that list imho. So over the next few days I am going to sift through my books and make a listing of every arrow I can find. I will list them by book first, fleshing them out as able.

I will also include bolts, because imho, their abilities are interchangable. Tumbling bolts can become arrows, and alchemists arrows can be made as bolts.

Among the arrows and bolts I will also list types of Material they can be made of, though this will probably take the longest, as I have little experience with special materials.

Feel free to post any other arrows you may come across and I will likely add them. If this already exists within this forum then I am sorry. Plz link though because I cand find a search feature! lol

Arms & Equipment Guide:
Alchemists Arrow (Pg 5)
Blunt Arrow (Pg 5)
Flight Arrow (Pg 5)
Signal Arrow (Pg 5)
Thundering Arrow (Pg 5)
Tumbling Bolt (Pg 6)

Magic Item Compendium:
Arrow of Biting (Pg 46)
Fountainhead Arrow (Pg 52)
Raptor Arrow (Relic) (Pg 56)

Dungeon Masters Guide:
Screaming Bolt (Pg 227)
Sleep Arrow (Pg 228)

This probably belongs in the Wiki, where it won't get buried by lack of activity.

The DMG also has Slaying Arrows and Greater Slaying Arrows, p. 228.

I will add all these very soon!

I accidentally left my hard drive in another county, 20th time since I got it in october, so it may take me a day or 2. lol

Also, wasn't the MMV a little incomplete on those Razorfeather Arrows? Something along the lines of them just listing the cost of the feathers, but not the actual arrow? Its been a while...

Maybe uhh.. summarize what they do? for those of us who don't exactly know what a fountainhead arrows does : P

Let's not push the limits of fair use. You can say generally what they do, but don't give a full accounting of each arrow's properties.

Mundane arrows/bolts

Arms & Equipment Guide
Alchemists Arrow:
Sets stuff on fire. Expensive, though, at 75gp per 20.
Blunt Arrow: reprinted in Races of the Wild; see below
Flight Arrow: adds to your range. Nice.
Signal Arrow: Beware the birds. Each one emulates a bird call when fired, making them nice for covert operations.
Thunder Arrow: Someone strapped a Thunderstone to an arrow and thought it would be a good idea. It might, actually, but this deals no damage.
Tumbling Bolt: +2 damage and half range That's about it.

Razorfeather Arrows:
Rather expensive, but the result is a mundane, Keen admantine arrow (and masterwork to boot!). If you manage to kill a Steelwing, though, this is worth remembering.

Races of the Wild
Blunt Arrow:
Bludgeoning and subdual damage as opposed to piercing and lethal. Also only half the normal range.
Dragonsbreath Arrow: Similar to the Alchemists Arrow, but adds a little bit of fire damage on impact. Also only 2/3rds the cost. Also deals damage as a size smaller, though.
Serpentstongue Arrow: Extremely useful. These arrows deal both Piercing and Slashing damage and deal full damage to some objects (unlike normal arrows which do half and generally can't be used to sunder).
Swiftwing Arrow: Half penalty for range and lower damage

Magic arrows/bolts
Screaming Bolt:
Basically makes a really wide line-shaped fear affect when you fire. Can be handy in softening up armies. Hilariously, it has no duration, so anyone that fails a save is apparently permanantly shaken.
Slaying Arrow: each one is keyed to a particular type (or subtype in the case of Humanoids or Outsiders) and if you hit one of that type, they save or die. Pretty simple The only difference between the two kinds is the save DC and price. The Undead and Construct slaying ones are particulaly effective since both types have terrible Fort saves
Sleep Arrow: Nonlethal damage and a will save or be put to sleep. Too bad the save DC is so low, but it can definitely come in handy sometimes.

Arrow of Biting:
basically a poisoned arrow. Cheaper than actually buying the poison, though.
Fountainhead Arrow: This one you don't want to aim at an enemy. When it hits a surface it erupts in a geyser of acid which lasts a few rounds. Fun for a nasty surprise or even area denial.
Raptor Arrow: It's an arrow that doesn't break and automatically returns to you! Yeah, you have to be one of a few alignments to use it, but oh well. If you establish the right connection, it has Bane against all targets, which is sheer awesome.

Don't know where, but there is a arrow that breaks into many arrows, want to say its out of city-scape.


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