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Some Sort of Homecoming

Some Sort of Homecoming - Forum
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I'm looking for players who are interested in a free form, story driven game, initially set in the modern world but suddenly transported to a realm of fantasy. Play will focus on exploration and character development, with some light combat mixed in. Players are expected to take part in shaping sub-plots, descriptive writing, and party interaction.

Posting expectations would be light on pacing, but heavy on content. If you're looking for fast paced game with barely a paragraph of text per post, this would not be the game for you. I put a lot of effort into making my writing entertaining to read, and expect the same from the players.

The actual game itself would not start until well after the New Year, both to allow time for character creation and to skip over the inevitable holiday disappearances of both player and GM alike.

Characters are expected to be late high school through college, and have been raised by their parents in some sort of medieval trade, generally heroic-like. Archery, swordplay, skulking, and the like are encouraged. How these characters reacted to being brought up this way is up to you.

A general scenario to keep in mind to build your character concept: you've decided to go to/been dragged to a Renaissance Faire. What sort of things would your character do/enjoy? General level of adeptness for your characters would be that you are at the top of your group, but not out of their league. As an example, if you were fencing with all the players at that local Renaissance Faire, you could beat them all hands down, but not on straight points. They would still be able to tag you here and there.

General guidelines for a character application would be as follows:
General Personality:
Who your heroic-like parent or parents were in Arancia (short description):
What your heroic-like parent or parents are in the modern world:
Extra notes:

Please add your applications in this thread. I will move characters over to the Cast Section once approved.

There will probably be a quick, introductory storyline with a larger cast to smooth out the edges of play and to decide on the final set of players.

I was planning on having the players learn about the other world through exploration and experimentation. However, this is making it difficult for applicants to imagine their proposed parents and their place in the two worlds. So, here are a few points of interest for players, that characters should not be aware of:
- Parents are stranded on Earth, and do not cross back and forth as they wish
- Magic for the masses in the other world consists of small tokens or charms, usually provided by hearth witches
- There are a SMALL FEW actual wizards who devote their lives to the art, and end up quite powerful
- Fae creatures are not rare, but they prefer to avoid the main human population
- General magical overviews added to the forums

Current Applications:
Barsavis: Presley Adams - Complete
Witchwolf: Elspeth Tailor - Complete
KingGoblin: Lazuli MacGregor - Complete
Ramael: Jace Sheppard - Complete
pink peril: Lucy Hibbs - WIP
Chase: Brenden Ashton - Complete
silverlock: Collin Baxter - Complete
ShadowBright: Karl McGowan - WIP
Naturax: Emerson Thiessen-Hines - Complete
Craiger007: Alec Weston - Complete
Avianpilot: Rowan Halion - Complete

Game Description:

You'd heard the stories growing up, but you never believed them. Fanciful tales of castles and knights, warriors and magicians, and the fabled Kingdom of Arancia. The bedtime stories you were told were always passed on with joy and verve, though tinged at times with sorrow and regret. And when you were old enough, you were trained in the arts of war, the arts of survival, and the arts of make believe.

But as the years passed, reality set in and you found yourself firmly rooted in the present. The stories from your childhood drifted away like a tattered fog, and life moved on.

Which is why, on a cold autumn morning, you were very surprised to find out that all those tales your parents told you were true.

You know I never could say anything
In twenty words or less.
-- Concrete Blonde, "Little Conversations"

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Here please. I'll move to Cast section once I decide on players. I'll probably decide on a larger set of players, then run a quick introductory story so people can get a feel for each others' play style before paring down the actual players. Will add this information to the original ad.

Originally Posted by Naturax View Post
What sources are allowed?
Only your Imagination. Volumes I, II, and IV. III is not allowed because it's broken. And V is just right out.

I have no issues if you want to keep portions of your character private.


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