The Saga: Seeking Replacement

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The Saga: Seeking Replacement

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Iron Heroes
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The Saga: Seeking Replacement
An Iron Heroes game.

In the early stages of the game, we abruptly lost a player. Without word, he disappeared. I've been playing the character as a NPC, but since he is the Leader of the group and is responsible for important decisions, it seems unfair to have him as a NPC. So, here we are. I am seeking a player to take over the character. The following spoiler shows the character's details.

Mostly all of the information must stay the same (name, background premise, connections, etc...), but the personality and character sheet mechanics can be altered if desired.

Game Premise
You and three others are the sole survivors of a shipwreck. As refugees from the ice-wracked continent of Linden, you are simply seeking to reclaim your past life on the mainland of Rysylis, but find yourselves lost in an ancient woods. The PCs have just exited the forest after an exhausting trek and harrowing beasts.

Application Process
Since you will be taking the role of an existing character, I am more interested in your writing style/skill. The below spoiler will contain an event that you must embellish in-character (assuming your own version of Rikard). I will be looking for your "knowledge" of the world/setting and your actual writing ability. I have dedicated and well-experienced players already in the game, so I would like to find a good match for them.

Although this is an Iron Heroes game, there are homebrew elements. Plot and character involvement can be discussed once a player is found.

Information about my homebrew setting can be found here:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Game Description:

The sea was wild with rage, thrashing the longboat around without a care. Lightning peeled the sky and thunder blared in the darkness overhead. The heavenly rumbling reverberated in the ears of the heroes, beset by the storm. The foaming and frothing waters lay in every direction, dark and foreboding.

Then, the mast snapped like a twig. The boat lurched nauseatingly, threatening to cast its occupants into the depths of the ocean. The deck was slick with icy water and the heroes shivered uncontrollably as they held on for dear life. It was all they could do to not loose hope.

It mattered not. The sea was victorious--she always had her way. The boat was swallowed wholly and the heroes disappeared into blackness, still clutching broken planks of wood.

When they opened their eyes again, they were upon a black-sand beach. Staggering cliffs loomed up on either side of them and a great forest lay ahead. The waves still crashed ceaselessly, but the storm had long since past--leaving only smeared clouds in its wake. It was cold, and the gray sky eluded to more rain, urging the heroes to prepare.

As the heroes gathered their wits and looked about them, they could see no sign of the boat, aside from the wreckage that washed ashore with them. Their armor was still in tact, but some were missing weapons. With a deep breath, the heroes began searching through the wreckage and made plans to move from the beach.

Art Portfolio

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does one need a lot of knowledge of Iron Heros to play?

I have never used the system, but am always up for a new challenge....

Then I shall work up a writing sample when I wake up (doubt it would be any good right now)


Watching the men, a rare smile touches Rikard lips. He might even miss this place.... As he looks at the assembled men, the drunken king not least of all, he almost regrets his decision to depart. He could have made a home here...

But, that is not where his heart is set. Why make a new home when the old one still awaits his return? Slowly, Rikard rises to his feet. Taking advantage of the momentary silence...

"Friends, I have never been one for words, so I will be brief... I am leaving. Returning to the shores of Keatland, and my own home in Stromland. My time here has been well spent, but now I must return to my home. If any of you find your way there, a warm bed, and cup of mead shall be waiting for you."

Kneeling before the drunken lord, he speaks his final goodbye "My lord, I beg leave to exit your halls, and return home with your blessing"

It takes a few moments for the drunken man to realize exactly what is going on... his eyes finally opening wide with shock and understanding...

"I had hoped you would stay, make a new home here, with us... But if it cannot be, then go, and go with all the blessings I can give. My peace favour your sword one day"

With that, the king stood, wobbly, but upright... and all the warriors stood with him, raising their glasses. As he walked to the door of the longhouse, each toasted him as he passed.

Finally, as he opened the doors, he heard one, great shout, ring out in the hall "Siochan leat"...

without looking back, Rikard walked down to the docks... Time to go home.


Opinions greatly appreciated!

Thought I'd pop in here and say that Rickard and my character Tristan have a prior history together. I don't think that's too important in the application process, but it has been shown in game quite a bit.

Too...many...ellipses...must refrain...from...ellipses joke...

Nope, couldn't do it. It's okay -- I'm addicted to adverbs.

Thanks for the app., Jreece. The relationship between Tristan and Rikard is not important to the application process, but very important in the game. Thank-you for pointing that out, DarkJester.

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