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FR - Desert of Desolation

FR - Desert of Desolation - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

IntroDeep blue mists of the night swirl over the sands of Raurin, the incomparable Desert of Dust. As the cool night air drains the heat from the sand, you and your friends huddle around your campfire, glancing nervously at the giant pyramid in the distance.

Gradually, the winds change direction, bearing a thin streak of white mist toward you from the pyramid. It swirls and takes shape as a faceless man dressed in ancient robes and an ornate head-piece; moonlight shining through his ghostly body and robes, he lifts his arms toward the pyramid and speaks. It was magic that conveyed you all to Braila, and an ancient map that guided you through the pass in The Dustwall. But it was, after all, the tales that finally brought you to this place - tales of endless wealth, of spirit-guarded pyramids, of crystalline obelisks, of gemstones with mysterious properties.

Now, as the haunted voice of the spectre before you begins his tale, you wonder if the treasure and the quest are worth the price...perhaps your very lives. Are you really the heroes of the prophecies, those who will overcome the foretold tests, and those for whom the treasure awaits? It is time to search your hearts before you venture further into the Desert of Desolation

DM: I've been on Myth-Weavers for almost two years without any long unexplained absences. I've played D&D since the early 80s and have DMed all four editions. The Desert of Desolation was always one of my favorites from 1st edition, originally written my Tracy & Laura Hickman I am adapting the 2nd edition version edited by John Wheeler for my tabletop game and thought running here will help me keep on task.

Setting:This is a 3.5 Forgotten Realms adventure. Players will begin in Cormyr near Tilverton. The year is roughly 1374, Bane has returned, Cyric is quite mad, Kelemvor now judges the dead and Mystra is secure in her control of the weave. Due to the closing of several portals the elves have established a foothold in Myth Drannor and Shar has suffered a temporary defeat in Sembia, though their capital city is lost. Shades control Anauroch, and Thay is currently at war while Szass Tam makes a bid for power.

Applications: Instructions are in the various threads
Roll stats here
Post characters here

Posting Rate: I am looking for people that can post daily during the week, weekends maybe once. Even though I am old and married I also have a life and understand that RL happens. Just please don't let it happen to much because I don't need another game that dies. That being said, if a player becomes a problem I will replace him. I will also try to move along combat so that people aren't stuck waiting four days for their turn.

Backgrounds:Since I'm going with an already established group there is a thread for anyone who wants to work on joint background. Feel free to be as creative as you want. It is not manditory that you do so and I may take one person from joint background and not the other. Its just another way to work on who your character is and how he interacts with others. Feel free to create new threads there if you need to keep things organized.

Applications accepted thru 9JAN2011. With the holiday slow down I want to give people a chance to see this game, but I don't want to drag out the application process too long and have people loose interest before we have had a chance to start.

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I'm working on a Rogue/??? multiclass for trapmonkeying, just to let you know. Probably Elven or Human Rogue with Fighter, Swash or Duelist.

Are you okay with the alternate class feature where Rogue gives up Sneak Attack and instead receives Fighter Bonus Feats? I'd rather beef up my straight fighting.

Lets go with half on even levels and half+1 on odd levels.

Just the normal +1 at fourth level

The Unearthed Arcana rules say that players may start with two and since I haven't seen anyone break a game with them I'll stick with that. NOTE: This by no means is meant to be a challenge for someone to find a way to break the game with traits....

@Samy - I've never seen alternate class feature in use so sure give it a shot.

Well then curses to me and my inability to play basic races. >< Grawr. I'll step down for someone else more interested then. Sounds like a fun campaign, though! Good luck with it.

Do you use the usual rule that no more than half of the 11000 starting gold (5500gp) can be used on a single item? Or can we use the whole sum on a single item if we like?

?? Not that I'm arguing against whatever item your buying, but why would you spend all your money on a single thing at the start of a game?

@MattMart- Sounds good, I went ahead and updated Gorak's backround to explain his reasonings for joining you three. Go ahead and take a peak. You can skip over most of the backround if you like, I only start mentioning you three when the paragraphs have spaces between them.

@Samy - Only 1/2 of your starting funds can go to a single item.

I'm interested, I might take some time coming up with a character idea, though.

Take your time there's a couple of weeks still.

Merry Christmas everyone

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