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Just following orders

Just Following Orders - Forum
D20 Modern
Estimated Members Requested: 5

That will be I, darkhugh, and the chances are this game will only have one DM for the whole length of the game.
Game Description
You have all been within the US military for a while, no longer the green horns you once were. You have seen your fair share of fire fights while out on the field, but recently you have been approached by a division that goes by the name of Black Lagoon.

The person who came to you, Lieutenant Colonel Jared J. Henson, said that Black Lagoon was a secret division within the military that takes promising individuals such as yourselves from different parts of the US military (Army, Air force and so on) and provides them with special training. The reason for this is that they handle some dangerous missions that must be kept on the down low and sorted out as soon as they occur.

You are part of a newly formed squad, named Aatxe and are about to head out on your first mission.
Character creation
The following are the rules on character creation, please read them carefully. I will be accepting between four and five players.
  • All characters are level 8.
  • Characters can have a 32 point by, or 6m5d6v2r1. You cannot roll and then take point buy, if you roll you are stuck with what you get.
  • All characters must have the ‘Active duty’ allegiance.
  • All characters will belong to Black Lagoon, though they could have come from any military group beforehand (as in; Army, Marine Corps etc)
  • Characters must have ‘military’ as their occupation
  • Please add the following to your skill lists; Air Traffic Control (Int), Communication Operations (Int), Knowledge (Tactics) (Int) and Paradrop (Dex).
  • A character can make one promotion check per level.
  • A character can have a total of two medals which were gained before the game.
Please post you application in this thread, you have until the 9th of January to have your application complete.

Name: Full name of character
Build: The levels you will be taking, your total level will be 8.
Rank: (found on page 50 of the PDF).
Appearance: At least 100 words please, an image can be used as well if wanted.
Personality: At least 100 words please.
History: Your character before the game, and how they caught Black Lagoon’s attention.

Please post applications in this thread, you may also do rolls there.
This game will be using the typical d20 modern rule set, along with the ‘blood and guts’ PDF file that can be found with relative ease. Any homebrew classes, items etc found can also be used as long as you put them to me first and allow me to look at them. I may decide to turn them down.

The following books can also be used; the weapons locker, martial arts mayhem (I and II) and you may put forward other books that I will accept or deny on a case by case circumstances.
What is to be expected
The game will involve a fair amount of role play, though more than enough encounters to keep the game exciting to those that like risks. The game will, with time, take a turn into the slightly supernatural with such things as vampires, werewolves and so on. Though the start of the game will be very realistic and have a strong sense of military presence.
If you have any questions then please post them below and I will get to them ASAP!

Game Description:

This will be a d20 modern game run using the supplement book named ‘blood and guts.’ The players will be a small squad of people that have caught the eye of the higher ups and have been moved into a specialized division that is separate from the main US military. The division goes by the name of Black Lagoon and handles high priority missions that requires secrecy at every corner.

This game will be the story of your life within the Black Lagoon.

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Interested, I will have my app up around the 3rd. (On vacation now and won't be back till then.)

The thread is here which is located within the forum, for some reason the link seems not to work in the advert :S

Oh Yeah, Interested. Have several characters that fit the profile, just have to check the stats.

Could i make a guy who tests Power suits (small scale mechs) for the military?
Idk, I think it would be kinda cool, atleast as a means of transportation if nothing else.

I would need some examples of these 'power suits' Krennel as when I think of them I get images of things like Iron man and the suits in 'GI joe.'

Not quite. Like I said, they would be experimental first off, so imagine the guy who got his back snapped in half in Iron Man 2. One step up from him.
I was thinking the mecha (with homebrew weapons to make it balanced) from d20 future.


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