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Go Heeled - Have Gun! Will Travel!

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Howdy pard! I am still looking for a couple players in this here western game. Take a look at the game thread ta see what's going on. I think we are kinda an unusual critter. Every player has his or her own thread with some guest appearance type crossovers.

We are using the free to download Mini Six rules, which are a simplified version of the same rules that powered WEG Star Wars and Ghost Busters back in the 80's. There are about a half dozen pages of actual rules. Many thanks to the folks over at Anti-Paladin Games for the rule set.

If yer itchin' ta blow the doors off the bank or catch the guys doing it Ute Creek needs ya.

Game Description:

Date: August 1876
Place: Ute Creek Colorado (Fictional)

Fear is still echoing through the western territories over the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and 210 men under his command on the banks of the Little Big Horn. Wild Bill Hickok has just been murdered in a gambling hall in Deadwood. The Colorado Territory has just become the State of Colorado.

Gold has just been discovered in the Blue River drainage of south central Colorado causing the ranching community of Ute Creek to boom. There is talk of a rail line from Denver running to the Ute Creek next year.

In the late summer of 1876 Ute Creek Colorado is a quiet little cow town on the verge of becoming civilized when it is suddenly flooded by prospectors, camp followers, bad men and settlers hoping to find a better life.

This game is a Cinematic Western sandbox taking place in fictional Ute Creek Colorado and the outlying areas. It is a pure Western with no supernatural aspects. Play will be mostly individual with occasional to heavy interaction between characters.

The game will use the freely available Mini Six rules by AntiPaladin Games with setting specific information found in the forum.

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