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Serenity - Life in the 'Verse

Serenity - Life in the 'Verse - Forum
Ad Closes: Feb 14 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 20

Grab a crew and sign up now for one-shot adventure that will test your collective mettle and your individual gray matter. Spinning off from the one-shot adventure, where multiple teams will collaborate and collude against one another, each crew will receive their own game and private forum where they will be able to continue playing their characters and looking for a way to keep flyin’.

The winning crew comes away with bragging rights and shiny personalized avatars to commemorate your victory. The rest get a barroom tale that no one will believe, and contacts out there in the ‘Verse that just might make life easier on you in the future.

Game Info

Recruitment Status: As of now, we are actively looking for new players.

Vacancies: Two or more competitive groups, depending on interest. Minimum four players per crew, and more than six players will need special consideration.
GM: Yo- that would be me, meatclocks.
Game System:
ie: the original 2006 version of the game manual. I will be allowing some additional material from Big Damn Heroes and Six Guns and Spaceships, but please clear those purchases with me first. I’m not aware of any errata, so if you would like rules changes considered, please post in the appropriate threads.
Serenity RPG
Game Setting:
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Sub-Genre: Western
  • Seriousness: Anything from Hard Boiled Grit to Guarded Humor is welcome. Stupid people die, though. Fast.
  • Good/Evil ”Alignment”: Any, but see above.
Serenity/ Firefly, time after the Unification War to be decided (perhaps post-Miranda, most likely pre-Miranda).
Heroic Level: Veteran, standard everything

Restricted Material

House Rules

Originally Posted by Spyglass
I'd like to take this chance to root for your GM--you guys will be in for a real treat if you stick with the recruitment process and join up. We all had an outrageously fun time with this game last year, due in no small part to L0g41n's humor and storytelling--some memorable moments include him foiling a ring of slavers (and finding a job!), attempting to outdrink an entire battallion of Alliance soldiers, and spending an entire month posing as the ship's bellhop to escape the wrath of a jealous husband... only to learn the worst.

How To Play

The idea is to create a believable Serenity Universe populated with players and villains. While the initial scene will be competitive, I will be expanding after that point to allow the two groups to go their separate ways, earning jobs and working for whoever they can find.

Based on your group’s performance, you’ll be given a score that is compared with the competing groups and, following a brief negotiation period, winners will be declared. That’s the short version.

An open out-of-character thread for posting recaps, trash-talking and asking questions will be open in the main page of the forum. Readers will be allowed to post in this thread, in addition to players.

NPCs Important Note on NPCs: Non-player characters in my game are not just cardboard cutouts. They are people, with hopes, dreams, and personalities (as I need to flesh them out). NPCs will have a number of plot points at their own disposal, as reflected by the complications they’ve been created with- 1 plot point per minor complication, 2 plot points per major complication. They will spend these plot points to benefit themselves.

Please, don’t ride rough-shod over the locals because “they’re just NPCs,” and you’re “the heroes.” The old man behind the counter might not believe or even care if you’ve killed Reavers. If you feel the need to make minor alterations to an NPC, feel free to- but it will cost you plot points, as given on page 148 of the Core Rulebook, under ‘Story Manipulation.’ The plot points you spend in this manner go to the NPC in question.

How To Apply

Applying is a 4-step process that grants you the freedom to be a part of the crew you want. With these freedoms come certain responsibilities, however.

Reference Materials

New to Serenity RPG? Still developing as a writer and want some guidance on good characterization or RP? Want to spare yourself the information overload of creating a character by using a pregen? This is the place to be.

Game Description:

Think you're the ultimate crew?

Whether you have the fastest gun in the Rim or the finest lady in the Core, The Serenity One-Shot Challenge is your chance to prove it. Go head to head with opposing teams as you show off not only your uncanny talent for getting the job done, but shame them with the poetry in motion that is your teamwork and creativity. Can you handle this shot?

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Count me in, I'll have an app up in a couple of days. Either a pilot or mechanic, whichever finds itself in higher demand.

Alrighty... I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and this game gives me an excellent spearhead to go with it.


So, I'm going to try and put a crew together. I know a few people who would be wildly interested in this, but more importantly, I know there are tons of people out there looking to play.

Anyone interested in getting in a detailed, awesome, working team that will bring in the winning formation for this game... get a hold of me. I'm going to be rather critical about my team-members, and that's for the good of the whole. You want a strong team? You need to be a strong player.

So... get a hold of me folks. Some people are going to be getting some PM's, but I suggest that if you are looking for the right team, play it safe, send me a PM, IM, or email. I am extremely available for contact.

Oh... and so it's known. My character will be a Pilot-focused character. So, I will be looking for team-members to fill in rolls after that.

This is the list that Swifty posted in the planning thread:

Captain: Arthur, Lilithrose, JAMFTW, Wizard of the Coat, Taio Show
Face: Arthur/Lilithrose, Frankie/Torger, Ian Taylor/Swifty
Knuckles: YinBrother, Evelyn/Pumkin, JAMFTW
Medic: Kazu/Aaron Snow
Sneak: YinBrother

People who haven't posted full concepts but want in:

Wizard of the Coat
King of Jakers
Tenaka (Latest heard he was coming up with a mechanic)
SkyChaser1 (Posted interest, haven't heard from since wanted to play badger-like face character)
Intro (Posted interest once, concept of an unscrupulous doctor with revoked license.)
Chase: Has a Cabin boy for any available crew.
Isanna Mechanic or Reader
BrotherFenrir looks like leaning towards knuckles.
MoDoVader Insomniac Pilot

I showed interest, and I mean to8 flesh out my character. Red Cunningham, somewhat aging muscle/gunslinger type character. Will hopefully have something by the end of the week.

I'm still here; I'm very tempted to say that Evelyn is finished, but I've been tweaking her for the last few days.

Originally Posted by Pumpkin31415 View Post
I'm still here; I'm very tempted to say that Evelyn is finished, but I've been tweaking her for the last few days.
Yah, I keep tweaking around with skills, not quite sure what I want to focus on as my secondary set.

Name: Ian Taylor
Role: Face/Sneak

Ian Taylor was born on Osiris into the family of a middle class bureaucrat. His father called in a favor and got his son placed in an upper crust companion run school. The academic as well as social education of the school provided him with the tact and personality to win people over.

While he was 9 years old and still in school he saw an ad for a casting call for an Alliance sponsored propaganda film. He convinced his parents to take him and to everyone's surprise except his, he was given a part.

Thus began the acting career of Jason Cole the pseudonym that he and his parents chose in order to try to preserve a normal childhood. As time went on Jason Cole began landing larger roles and was riding the wave as a child actor. As he grew his parents and tutors kept a close eye on he was able to maintain his career doing the pseudo-entertainment/propaganda that was produced on Osiris.

When the Unification war broke out he enlisted in the Alliance Military in an Alliance sponsored propaganda stunt. He had to go through boot camp though his celebrity status ensured that he would never see combat. When he was deployed it was well after the fighting was over, but always just in time for pictures to be taken.

Prior to one deployment Ian had a severe allergic reaction to one of the immunizations given to him and he was hospitalized and transferred to an Alliance hospital ship. Due to some flubbed paperwork according to the alliance records Jason Cole went on and was deployed while Ian Taylor was admitted to the hospital ship. On this ship his health deteriorated. He lost weight and became malnourished. It was at this point that he began smoking to try to combat the headaches he seemed to constantly be getting.

Hospital vessels were always temporary and at the first opportunity he was offloaded into a temporary alliance recovery center on Haven. Once he got to the center he was shocked to see an article on the cortex about how Jason Cole was missing in action. He also learned that his parents were killed in a series of terrorist acts on Osiris committed by Browncoat sympathizers (at least that's the official story).

Unhealthy and in shock Ian never let on that he was Jason Cole, and went so far as to take steps to make sure the two names wouldn't be connected again. On release from the Recovery Center he wandered around Haven and one day just didn't go back.

He fell in with a criminal crew and quickly learned the life of a con artist. As he grew healthier he looked different enough that no one connected him with one of the former poster children of Alliance Propaganda and was able to move into a new life.

His talents were well used by his former gang and and he was the consummate inside man. Weaseling his way into jobs and positions of power, and using the influence to create an opening for the crew. The benefit to being the inside man is deniability. When it all went south, Ian was able to keep his distance from his crew and avoid being sent upriver with them.

Now however, he's looking for a way off world, and if he can get a new employer or crew at the same time all to the better.

Edit: I'm tweaking this character with a few updates that I came up with on my own, as well as some updates that I now see are necessary after reading Logain's house rules. Some new possibilities also open up with having resources available from the BDH handbook.

The Boot Riders

Team Roster:
- Captain / Pilot:
The Taio Show
Jacob 'Fire it Up' Bitts
- Mechanic: None as of Yet...
- Face: None as of Yet...
- Knuckles:
Evelyn Kilcannon (ACCEPTED!)
- Medic:
Aaron Snow
Kazuya Akodo (ACCEPTED!)
- Sneak: None as of Yet...
- Wild Card:

More to come....


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