Old School with a touch of 4e thrown in

Not going to be long winded

Cleric get 4 Bonus Heals per day that scale as the cleric levels this allows them to free spell sliots for utility/damage spells - They do not have to become a heal bot.

MUs get Magic Missile as an at will spell that scales with level. As they level up the missles can also add elemental/magical effects. No more running out of magic you can always do something magical.

Warriors Types - get a few feats as they level up - A cleave, A + hit -damage strike or +Damage - hit strike, an enhanced critical strike, the abilitity to swap Dex and Str for Damage and To hit with Melee Weapons.

Rogues - have not given it any thought yet.

HPs = Con Score + Con Mod + max HP<die type> 15 con + 1 Hp + 4<MU> = 20 Hps to start
Max HP <die Type> ever level after that + Con Mod.

Oh some of this was done way back in the Arduin Grimoire- the HP idea that is.

Feedback always welcomed.