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What's that Movie!?

It is not Beastmaster.

This movie came out within the last Five Years. And has many notable actors.

New pic tomorrow(Promise to be more revealing)

It looks familiar. I'm thinking the image might be a bit of cheat as the entire movie is not done in that style, but so far I'm drawing a blank.

leons1701 is totally correct, I did cheat 75%* with that image, here comes one that will showcase the normal movie

*I will explain why it isn't 100% when someone gets the right movie.

Cheating in image picking is of course 80% of the game.

and that doesn't look like what i was thinking of.

Well shucks howdy, I'm just gonna guess no one has seen this movie. I figured Demi Moore, Joshua Hartnett, Ron Pearlman and Woody Harrelson (not to mention Gackt or Kevin McKidd) in a stylish fighting movie that came out recently would have garnered some interest.


as to why the first picture was only a mild fake out, it's because the opening credits were all done in a style reminiscent of
Bunraku(Japanese Puppet Theater)

Who is up next?

Dunno. Maybe a second go-round for you. A little less obscure choice maybe.

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