Non Sequitur

A place for light-hearted forum games and other threads that don't promote discussion.

What's that Movie!?

Thanks mishra, loved CtA

Here is an oldie, but brilliant film

Rather grainy image there. But my guess is...

Sweeney Todd?

Yah, they didn't have HD in those days, I'll put another image up (not Sweeney Todd, he would slice them open with a cut-throat razor, not wrap them in cling film ...

Grats Danny ... I would suggest if you haven't seen it, do it, it will make you laugh hysterically (the first 10 minutes are quite dire ... be warned)

Over to you DT

Waiting on Danny's turn to post

I remember once when it was Danny's turn to post and then he disappeared for several months.

There should be a time limit for posting, I would say a day tops since the whole purpose of Non-sequitur posts is to keep people engaged, entertained and help them kill some time.

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