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What's that Movie!?

this should be easier
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The Man from Snowy River ... I know it's right, so I'll work on a movie now

Every kid in Oz learn's Banjo's poem ... it's here:

The Man from Snowy River by Banjo Patterson (an Australian Treasure)

A Knight's Tale!

Like NGP, I'm confident that I'm correct, so I'll post another movie image immediately in order to keep things moving.

I'm thinking it's a Trinity film as it looks like Terence Hill ... so going with:

They call me Trinity / Trinity is still my name

or ...

My name is Nobody ...

It has that look ??

I was hoping that the hat over the face would help obscure it, but the travois is a giveaway. It is indeed Terence Hill in Trinity Is Still My Name.

Sorry ... off to see Skyfall ... will post when back in a couple of hours ... unless PB want's to have another go

Sorry to hold you all up, here it is:

The Three Musketeers? 2011 version?

I have not actually seen it, the picture just has that look to it!

You got it Storm

Go for it

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