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Create a New System!

Create a New System!

For this thread, I want everyone to volunteer and collaborate to create a new RPG system.

Each person can only write one sentence however. You can write a paragraph, but only as a way of hypothesizing what the content of an already posted sentence means (and then we'll vote on what to agree with). The content posted in a sentence will be definitive. Only through voting can we eliminate sentence derived content for the system.

From that, we'll see what we can come up with.

So yeah, post only one sentence. Or post a paragraph. This is per post - and you can't do both. If you have a question, you must explicitly say that it is a question and nothing directly pertaining to the system.


I'll start

Creativity is one of the core stats.

Alignments include the lawful-chaotic, good-evil, liberal-conservative, ectotherm-endotherm and sexuality sliding scales.

The most common dice pool consists of 3 white dice, 2 blue dice, and a black die.
The size of each of the dies varies from d4 to d20.

A bard that plays a song they had crafted no longer a day ago gain a luck bonus of +4 die sizes, droping to +3, +2, and +1, after a day, a week, and a year respectively.

magic uses sigils for power, form, shape and effect, making spells mutable and modifiable by multiple casters merging their sigils.


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