Keepers of the Dragon's Wing - Recruiting

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Keepers of the Dragon's Wing - Recruiting

Keepers of the Dragon's Wing - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Ad Closes: Jan 26 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 1

You awaken, dazed and confused near the edge of the Grand Seal. Your companions lay battered and half dead, your enemy is nowhere in sight. Looking forward into the haze you see nothing but a soft shimmering image of the lands beyond. A force sends you stumbling forward into the mist and you watch in amazement as the setting sun is flung back across the alternating days and nights.

Now when the hell are you?

[Character Background]
Since the setting that I'm using is completely Homebrew, I'll be leaning towards applications that not only demonstrate excellent characterization, but also expand on whatever world info I have so far. All of what I have can be found here (, so have at it.

When it comes down to mechanics, I'm a really lenient DM. If you can explain it well enough in context (for both your character and the setting) and it's not too unreasonable I'll pretty much let you go ahead and do whatever you want. That said though, if you're going to do something major I expect that you'll be willing to give something else up.

[Play Style]
I'll say it straight out, I'm far more interested in the story than combat. Most of the adventure (60ish percent) will be roleplaying, however expect the remaining 40 percent of combat to be quite demanding as well. As for post rate; I'd like it to be once a day minimum. Even if it's really short and only to advance the plot I'll take it.

[Character Creation]
-Looking for 4-5 Players
-Use 24 Point Buy
-Anything in the Character Builder is fair game, everything else needs to be approved
-Homebrew material is welcome, you just need it approved
-Characters start at Level 7 with 2 magic items from level 6, 7, or 8 as well as 10,000 Gold for anything under level 5 with whatever isn't spent discarded.
-Accepting Applications till the 26th, deciding on them by the 28th.

[Current Applications]
ChromaticMoon, Morf, Warforged Fighter
Ozymandias, Auron, Human Warlock
Kire Arual, Duner Saliee, Human Rouge/Warlock
Crucival, Nathan Kryllan, Human Swordmage
AManImmortal, Murridian Therlay, Human Sorcerer
Overlord Canaver, Kairon Belsarius, Tiefling Warlord
Gage, Adain Selvanton, Half-Elf Bard
Nexus75, Vayrum Elvoret, Human Swordmage
Little_Rudo, Ursa Bearfang, Half-Orc Barbarian
Krogothwolf, Tzarkanshir, Dragonborn Paladin

Game Description:

For almost a thousand years the Order of the Dragon's Wing has served the realm by protecting it from the wrath of Ragnheidr. Throughout the ages weathering rebellions, Ragnheidr's infernal forces, the fall of empires and even the wrath of Gods, they have endured. All until a hundred years ago when Ragnheidr was sealed into a prison of such strength and elegant simplicity that the demon would remain sealed for eternity.

Alongside you and those who swore to destroy it.

But now the Reynes weep 'oer his hall,
And not a soul to hear.

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Highly interested as well. Expect an app within the next 24.

Time travelling's always fun - posting interest as well.
Question! Would dragons make up a (very small) portion of the population within the grand seal, due to it being called the Dragon's Wing and all? After reading up the history, I think it'd be fun to play a Sorceress who uses dragon powers due to a dragonblood lineage, yet has never actually seen a dragon.

interested, will work on a character at work this week. shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell the boss lol

Application status: COMPLETE

Morf, Warforged Fighter (male personality)

Morf's shoulders are broad, but the rest of his body appears lean and lithe. His torso has a sharply triangular shape, narrowing significantly at the waist where two sturdy but thin legs support his weight. His joints are made up of complex pivoting hinges, and he is careful to protect and care for them. Morf's forearms are easily twice the diameter of his upper arms. The reason becomes apparent whenever Morf draws or sheathes his weapons because they emerge from or recede into mechanized openings between wrist and elbow.

Above his shoulders, supported by a trunk-like neck, Morf's head is rounded with helm-like plating covering it, shading his deep set eyes that glow a dark amethyst. Two points of the helm extend down like stiff jowls on either side of his narrow jaw, completing the helm's framing of his face. Morf's glowing eyes occasionally have static pass across them, dimming the glow momentarily. This does not happen often enough to simulate blinking, but there is also no mechanical explanation for why this happens.

The metal plating of his body bears a protective coating of linked chainmail, in some places the flexible metal acting as his skin where the rings have been anchored to his body. He wears a long flowing cloak that fully encircles his torso and extends down to the ground. He occasionally allows a small child to walk just beside him, completely concealed in his cloak, though more often he is seen with a child sitting atop his shoulders.

Morf moves rigidly except when in combat, then he moves fluidly at blinding speed without any hints of hesitation or thought. Morf also loses this rigidity when with young children.
The warforged were designed and constructed by the Order of the Dragon's Wing to be exemplary fighters: tireless and strong masters of war in the battle against Ragnheidr. It took some time to create the ideal prototype, but in the last two centuries the warforged that emerged from the Order's creation forge had free will and free thought. Many believe that these tireless, adaptable sentries tipped the balance that allowed Ragnheidr to finally be imprisoned. However, in giving the living constructs the ability to think and adapt orders to current situations, some warforged learned that obedience to the Order was optional, especially after the demon was imprisoned. Although very few chose to support Ragnheidr, the loss of the warforged in guarding the Grand Seal was a heavy blow to the Order and its members. The Order shut down and (theoretically) destroyed the creation forge, coming to the decision that creating warforged would not help them if their creations refused to help the Order and its mission.

Morf was one of the first warforged created by the Order of the Dragon's Wing to serve in the battle against Ragnheidr. He firmly believes in the Order's mission, and has seen enough of Ragnheidr's foul doings to sway at least a few other warforged to remain with the Order. When Ragnheidr was imprisoned, Morf was one of the first to volunteer for the task of maintaining the Grand Seal, and has no qualms with being sealed inside for an eternity as long as there was work to be done.

At the Battle of the Sealing, Morf fought alongside many soldiers, though one in particular earned his respect: Merrin Canilla. They looked out for each other, and it was closest to a feeling of friendship that Morf had ever felt. Unfortunately, Merrin was severely maimed in the final battle. Morf was nearly destroyed himself trying to free Merrin from the explosive rockslide that had buried them both. He managed to carry Merrin to safety as the final anchor was put in place on Ragnheidr's prison. The Grand Seal was about to be closed, and Merrin's wife, Caitya, didn't want to be imprisoned there anymore, not if Merrin was likely to die, but the decisions had already been made and the Sealing could not be delayed for one family. Merrin and Caitya were some of the last to enter before the final Seal was put in place, escorted there by Morf.

Not a week went by, and Caitya was damaged. Merrin was not yet well enough to be by her side, and only women were with her. Morf stayed by Merrin, understanding that he was distraught, but not knowing why; surely Caitya could be repaired. In the middle of night, the silent watcher heard great commotion from where Caitya lay, and then a new, squalling voice. Merrin shouted for Morf, and the warforged found his friend had thrown himself from his bed to reach Caitya. Morf carried him to where the women had been gathering, and saw Caitya lying motionless on the bed, six women crowded around a small bundle with wetness on their faces. Merrin crumpled in his arms, and Morf struggled to keep him from hurting himself.

Caitya was dead, and Merrin was left with a tiny thing that needed a lot of care. For a long time, Morf pondered this. He wondered if these small things happened whenever a living creature died, but he had never seen anything like this "baby" on the battlefield. Perhaps, he thought, it only happened when the women died. Merrin was still not repaired as much as he needed to be, and he was still very upset, but he endured for this small thing, and he enlisted Morf's help. Morf learned about feeding Calli (for that is what the thing was named), and with time he grew to be less rigid and awkward about holding it. When Merrin finally lost the last of his strength, he insisted that Calli stay with Morf.

Many years passed, and Morf watched the small Calli grow into a woman much like Caitya. She delighted in the pictures he drew, and always asked for stories. She never resented growing up in Grand Seal, but felt that it was her duty to help keep Ragnheidr imprisoned. When she was old enough, they fought side by side, but Morf often stepped in to protect her even though she was tough. He was always worried that she might become too damaged to be repaired, and he was more willing to take that risk for her.

Calli was aware of Morf's selflessness, and she left the fighting to work in the Archives. There she found a young man and eventually settled down with him. Morf finally understood more about babies, and though he still found it strange, having a small child around was a great delight for him, especially when he had never thought such an opportunity would come to him again.
Living inside the Grand Seal does a lot to alter Morf's already-strange perception of time. Each day passes and he can see the changes in the faces of the living. He notices the minute changes, how skin begins to wrinkle, even before those wrinkles are visible to the human eye.

He is very conscious of the fragile nature of life, especially human life. He had seen many of them die, but after watching Calli grow and die of what they call "old age," he saw that kind of life as something very special and unique. He throws himself into battle to defend his softer-skinned allies, concerned for their well-being more than his own.

In the quieter hours of the night when others in the Grand Seal are sleeping, he takes time to draw pictures of significant events that he saw happen that day, from an upset wagon that caused minor chaos in the streets to the face of a child who delighted in one of his drawings, thus etching the events into his mind. Though he does not always keep these drawings, those he still has are kept in a thick book, and every once in a while he will flip through its pages, replaying the events in his mind, or sharing bedtime stories with young ones.

Chromatic Moon, I hope you dont mind me using your application format.

Application status: WIP

Auron, Human
Sorcerer King Pact
Statblock:Transferring from CB


Ok, to answer some questions.

@Razor, Dragonborn make up a decent number of the population, but your idea comes across as more like a Dragonborn/Other Race half-blood.

As for Dragons themselves, they exist in the world but those who were allied with the order chose to guard the Grand Seal from the outside.

Here it is......

Name: Duner Saliee
Race/Class: Human Shadowy Rouge (Multi-Class Warlock, see feats)
Sex: Male

Link to Character Sheet:

Thank you! If any thing doesn't check out please message me. Sorry there's no picture I edited one but it doesn't have a URL.


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