Recruiting 1 to 2 more Players

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Recruiting 1 to 2 more Players

Depths of the Coast - Forum
Dresden Files
Estimated Members Requested: 2

I'm looking to add 1 or 2 more players to my current DFRPG game "Depths of the Coast". Please post here if you're interested, and your character concept. 6 Refresh, 25 starting Skill Points.

Game Description:

Looking for: 2 players

Applications will be decided not on character ideas, but rather on City ideas. I'm looking for at least 2 Threats/Themes for the city from each player.

The town of Stillwater has long been a major player on the Georgia coast. It housed the Shepard Navy Base for decades, before it was forced closed in the 1970's. While that proved to be a major blow to the town's economy, it managed to recover, and offer itself as a less weird, more relaxed vacation alternative to Savannah. The "less weird" moniker is more than somewhat open to debate.

Stillwater's current population is 174,328 (Cen. 2010). It's located near highway 95, giving it a pretty serious lifeline to travel up and down the coast on land, as well as the use of the port that is still located there.

argh! I so wanna play this game cause I love the books. Which is the reason I havn't downloaded it for free, one should support the games one actually likes lol... *le sigh*

I'd be thrilled to play but I'm having trouble finding information on Stillwater Georgia. Does this place actually exist?

Are you wanting bad guys to face off against the current characters or are you just wanting ideas to throw around at the characters that get excepted?

I = Player

Thought I would bounce in and help out a bit,

Stillwater is fictional, as far as I know.

TS is looking for some folks to help fill in the blanks of our group a bit.

And yes, City ideas are the doorway in!

Feel free to yell at me Boss!

Threat: Absences Makes the Heart Grow Forgetful
A group of White Court Vampires have opened up a discreet little sex club in town that caters to the tourists and businessmen that pass through Stillwater. As word of the club has gotten around Stillwater is starting to attract more unsavory and in some cases dangerous tourists as well as serving as a growing foothold of the White Court. Unfortunately the club also caters to some of the powerful but less faithful members of the local government so it has evaded any official attempts to close it down by mortals.

Theme: Hidden in the Deep
While doing work to dredge the Port and try to start on some much needed renovations something was uncovered. While most still remain unaware there are strange new creatures swimming in the waters off the coast of Stillwater. While they remain mostly contained to the area around the Port it is possible they might spread and upset the natural balance of Stillwater and even possibly excite the local Fae making their home in the swampland. While for now the secrets remain submerged it is hard to now how long it will be till they surface.

Jack “of Hearts” Carlisle-Vessel of Power –Feet in the Water
High Aspect: Junior VP of Love
Trouble: Aphrodite Calls the Shots
Other Aspects: I Got No Strings To Hold Me Down; Finding Out True Love Is Blind; Save The Last Dance For Me

Physical: OOO
Social: OOOO
Mental: OOO

• Great (+4):Presence, Guns
• Good (+3): Resources, Deceit
• Fair (+2): Athletics, Empathy, Conviction, Endurance
• Average (+1): Discipline, Rapport, Stealth, Alertness

Supernatural Powers:
• Marked by Power (Aphrodite) [-1]
•Incite Emotion [-1]
-At Range [-1]
-Lasting Emotion [-1]
• Demigod's (Wizard's) Constitution [-0]

Mortal Stunts:
• Fast Reload (Guns)

Adjusted Refresh: 1

Phase Aspect: I Got No Strings To Hold Me Down

Rising Conflict

Phase Aspect: Finding Out True Love Is Blind

Phase Aspect: Save the Last Dance For Me

Guest Starring: Starring:

Phase Aspect:

Guest Starring Redux: Starring:

Phase Aspect:

Just couldn't resist.
On the Waterfront
Assuming they still exist in your world. If not then a pack of lycanthropes can take their place.
The Red Court has been slowly taking over the docks for the past 30 years and today there's not much left to oppose them. They use the port as the nexus for their smuggling operations on the eastern seaboard. Every day containers full of illegal goods and/or people pass through.

Theme: Still Waters, Not Deep
Stillwater may have managed to survive the base closing but it's definitely not thriving. Only so many tourists come per year and the city's many businesses fight tooth and nail for each one. So while the city may portray itself as relaxed just below the surface there's a strong current of jealousy, competition, and distrust.

Raju Kalluri - Scion(Changeling Template)
High Aspect:
Half-Rakshasa Attending
Trouble: Unnatural Born Fighter
Other Aspects: The Path of Dharma, Wise to Your Tricks, Always On Call at Oceanside Community Hospital

Mental: OOO
Social: OOO
Hunger: OOO

•Great: Scholarship
•Good: Fists, Might, Rapport
•Fair: Alertness, Athletics, Conviction, Discipline
•Average: Endurance, Lore, Presence, Resources

Supernatural Powers:
•Feeding Dependency(Meat)[+1] affecting:
•Inhuman Strength[-2]
•Inhuman Toughness[-2]
•Inhuman Recovery[-2]
•The Catch[+2] is wounds from holy objects.

Mortal Stunts:
•Doctor of Emergency Medicine(Scholarship): Raju may use his scholarship skill to declare appropriate justification for the recovery of moderate physical consequences when outside a medical facility, and for the recovery of severe physical consequences within a medical facility. For research purposes, he gains +1 on Scholarship for any medical research and an additional +1 for Emergency Medicine.
•ER Doc(Scholarship): Raju may use Scholarship instead of Investigation to examine patients for illness/injury.

Adjusted Refresh: 1

Phase Aspect: The Path of Dharma

Phase Aspect: Wise to Your Tricks

Phase Aspect: Always On Call at Oceanside Community Hospital

When's the cut-off date? Since you already have a chaplain, I'm going to have to think of something other than my priest.

I'm super interested; I've read all of the books, and have the RPG books too. Been looking for a DFRPG game for ages.

For character ideas, I have a few concepts that I've thought up. One is a wizard, White Council affiliated, with an eye for detail, a pretty decent amount of power, but a lack of experience. He's basically a just-graduated apprentice, which is the reasoning behind his lower Refresh. He'd probably have Evocation, but only Ritual, or only Channeling but Thaumaturgy, depending on what the rest of the group brings to the table, The Sight(along with Soulgaze), and Wizard's Constitution, but the skills are undecided.

The other idea is one that I would need GM approval on. I've been liking the idea of playing a Denarian for a while, one who probably didn't/doesn't quite know what a mess he's gotten himself into, but is trying to use his newfound powers for good, all the while the fallen angel in his head is slowly and subtly twisting him around. Sure, the weird being in his head seems on the level, but he can't help but feel that there's a little bit of dishonesty there. And who knows, maybe a certain group of fellows led by a guy with some rope around his neck might show up?


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