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Defenders of Gatewatch

Defenders of Gatewatch - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Estimated Members Requested: 10

Gatewatch has always been a city on the frontlines, always only a few steps ahead of destruction, and always managing to survive another day. The closest settlement of any sort to the Great Gate between Basileia Agathos and Methodia, she houses the largest standing garrison in the kingdom, with soldiers pouring into her from even the far reaches of the north-west. Somehow, Gatewatch has even managed to thrive, despite having no great natural resources to offer for trade beyond the military funding poured into it. With money comes trade, and with trade, civilians, and so what once was long ago a solemn military outpost has become a bustling city with a healthy economy. You are a few of these civilians; the retired soldier working as the blacksmith on King's Street, the fur merchant supplying the commanders their winterwear, or even the cleric in that church on High Street. Just as your fellow countrymen are called to serve either as soldiers or to aid in the neverending war effort, so are you sometimes called upon to aid in less conventional methods than your trade would otherwise suggest....

This game will take place with a few twists from normal games; there is no set party, you may mix and match yourselves as you think you'll need too to complete missions, you all start with a house and attached to some sort of trade business in the city which you'll work with me on, you will eventually be able to gain influence in the military and city politics as you grow in influence. I'm looking for a goodly sized group, and not specific roles. There are a few other changes and twists they you'll find out as you go on, but there may or may not be a few larger battles at the gate, with PC's possibly leading regiments and other groups of units, so Marshal and Bard would actually be decent picks for classes....

Questions? Ask here or in the forum thread for questions. No private, we're not having a PvP tourney here. Apply in the Application Thread.

Game Description:

The world is Membrum, a planet dedicated to the struggle of Good vs. Evil and placed between Heaven and Hell. A single continent separated by a huge mountain range with a few small islands dotting around the borders comprises the majority of the landmass. Three countries reside in this world; Methodia, a largely evil and tyrannical monarchy to the east, Apsuchos Maraino, a republic in the south of neutral morality, and Basileia Agathos, the kingdom of light to the west. The only real way of transport between the east and west is at the Gate, and is watched over on the western side by the simply named city "Gatewatch" where the adventure begins. Two powers are at work here, Good and Evil, and are each represented by a singular entity, though neither directly influence events, leaving that up to their servants.

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Aww... no gestalt.

Are Completes and Races of the acceptable? I'm looking to do an Elven ranger (Probably wood elf, if that's also acceptable.) with Elf substitution levels and the No Magic variant from Complete Warrior. Unless my rolls say otherwise, that is.

The Ranger Variant is from page 13 of Complete Warrior (Won't be needing to worry about it until level six.)
For the Substitution level, I was looking at just taking the fourth level substitution on page 156.

I should have mentioned the basics at least. Core, Completes, MiC, SpC, PHB2 are all good.

Magicless variants are fine as well if you want, though they are a fair bit weaker. You'll note Tier 2 classes are totally fine with me, I really don't have anything against tier 1 classes either, I just don't want them here. I'll probably be boosting Favored Soul, Healer, and the generic Divine caster as well, if anyone wants to play them.

EDIT: Two traits, missed a word there

I honestly don't pay attention to Tiers much... at all... power level has never been my "thing." I couldn't Tier the core classes if I'd wanted to, anyway.

You kind of left out an answer for the Races books. Are they allowed?

Let's roll the dice:

No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks


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