The Adventuring Guild. A 3.5 'Dirty Rails' Merc Game

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The Adventuring Guild. A 3.5 'Dirty Rails' Merc Game

The Adventuring Guild - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

I am gonna start right now by letting you all know that a high posting rate is a must! If not daily then every other day with an excuse! If you need to take a vacation then your character will simply sit a mission out.

This game is intended to be a light-hearted missioning game. No excessive plots or RP. Just missioning.

That should be all the required info. Feel free to ask any questions here.
Application and roll threads will be up soon.

Game Description:

This game is intended as a simple dirty rails missioning game. No epic storylines, yet no extensive sandboxing. You get to pick what missions you accept and how you do them, but your goal is still to get them done! RP will ideally be kept minimal, limited primarily to actions rather then excessive dialogue. You are all there to make money and earn prestige.

You are one of the newest members of a guild of mercenaries who take various different types of jobs. The guild has a bad reputation for excesive collateral damage, so this will be incorporated in how your cash rewards are dished out.

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Heh. Well, with a setup like that it seems to me that the challenge is to build a character who causes the most indiscriminate collateral damage as possible...

Feh. Magical collateral damage is easy. It takes a Groo to cause a real disaster. Now, how to make one... PHB races only? Half-orc. Probably barbarian. And a greatflail.

Oh goody, I've been wanting some more crunch-heavy games.

As to other classes which require permission, I'm just going to dump a handful while I think: is Tome of Battle on the table? Also, Factotums or other alternate class features from Dungeonscape? And Binders, gotta ask about Binders from Tome of Magic too.

Interested, I'll see if I have time to get an app in. We'll see. Oh and hello krogothwolf, wouldn't mind being a player in a game with you.

How about a Rogue Tier homebrew class? Not as useless as a fighter, but not as broken as a wizard!
It's a new casting system, and a different sort of "spells per day", but both of these mentioned differences are easy to pick up on.


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