Acceptable Losses - The Great Tournament

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Acceptable Losses - The Great Tournament

Acceptable Losses - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 99

I've decided that sixteen applicants or so would be preferred. So. The first sixteen applicants will have guaranteed spots. If there is more interest in the game than 16, (lets say, 20 or so applicants), then we'll definitely have an interesting way of dealing with the extra players, hee hee. But there is a hard cap at 20 players.

We have 19 players right now. If you want in, you have to submit a complete profile before anyone else does. Good luck!

Starting Level: 10
Starting Gold: Standard
Ability Generation: 4d6r1v1, or 40 point buy if you don't like what you roll.

Sources: So here's the skinny. You have access to every book, every magazine, and any homebrew (so long as you run it by me). However, there are a few catches. Interesting catches indeed. You can have a maximum of 2 traits and flaws.

Catch 1: Every applicant must have at least one level in Monk.
Catch 2: If you plan on having spellcasting/manifesting/artificing ability, then you must maintain an unarmed strike damage equal to at least half your total level + 1. That is, a Level 10 Wizard/Monk must deal unarmed damage equal to a level 6 monk, BEFORE adding enhancements from spells/powers.
Catch 3: Pretty much the same as Catch 2, except that it applies to Level Adjustments. You can have just about any level adjustment race or template you want (again, run it by me), but your Monk's Unarmed Damage must be equal to a Monk of at least half your ECL +1.

All applicants will be accepted, and will be participating in a tournament to see who will make it into the main campaign. If you don't make it through the tournament, don't worry about it, if a player in the main campaign drops, then the next highest ranking person in the tournament will be invited into the game.

However. Although this campaign is based around powerful (probably min-maxed) monks (that is, Monks that can actually perform), I would suggest you NOT skimp on your background. I'd like a loose outline of your character's life before he answered the call to join the tournament, some notable personality traits or flaws, fears, goals, and perhaps a secret or two about your character that no one else knows (Either PM me, or put it in your application in private tags). Characters without backgrounds will not be accepted into the tournament or into the campaign itself.

Post your applications HERE!


Q: When is the Deadline
A: The Deadline is the 15th of February. However, I will close the ad early if I get more than 32 Applicants. Once I have 16 applicants, we'll be ready to start the tournament.

Q: Does Monk's Belt count towards Unarmed Damage Minimum?
A: No, it does not count towards your Unarmed Damage Minimum.

Q: How about Superior Unarmed Strike?
A: Yes. Any ability gained through feats or class levels that increases your unarmed damage is acceptable. The exception to this is Improved Natural Attack

Q: What about size increases?
A: No. If your character is normally medium, then he must deal damage as a medium monk of 1/2 his ECL +1. If he's large, then he must deal damage as a Large Monk of 1/2 his ECL +1

Q: Can I focus on Incarnum/Spellcasting/Manifesting/Whatever?
A: Sure, so long as you deal Unarmed Damage Equal to a Monk of 1/2 your ECL +1

Q: LA Buyoff?
A: Currently on the fence about this one. Before the tournament and during the tournament? Definite no. During the campaign itself? I might just allow it.

Q: Can I have Racial HD and Level Adjusted Races/Templates?
A: Yeppers. Again, you are required to deal Unarmed Damage equal to a Monk of 1/2 your ECL +1

Q: Can I used Gauntlets/Spiked Gauntlets as a special Monk Weapon, and still deal my normal unarmed damage?
A: Damn straight you can. It'd be stupid not to let you do it.

Q: Can I use (Insert Homebrew Variant Monk Here) instead of Monk?
A: That's probably going to be a negatory, but feel free to ask. But no, you can not use the Tome Monk

Q: How many fights per day will my character have to go through?
A: Two fights. Until we get to the final rounds, which will be 1 fight per day.

Q: Do I get time to pre-buff my character before fights?
A: Yes. You have one round.

Q: Will my buffs carry over into the next fight?
A: Unfortunately, no. You will have to prepare your buffs every fight.

Q: Do Nightsticks and Celerity stack?
A: No. One nightstick and one Celerity buff.

Q: Fractional BAB/Saves?
A: Unfortunately, no. There will not be Fractional Saves/BAB used.

Q: How will the tournament brackets work?
A: Well that depends on how many applicants we get. But at present, it will most likely be elimination. Similar builds will be pitted against one another, as I don't want a party full of Monk/Wizards or Monk/Druids or Monk/Clerics.

Q: Can I play an Anthropomorphic Animal?
A: Sure, if you wanna Kung-Fu Panda it up, be my guest. However. There is a catch. All Anthro-Animals get an additional +1 LA on top of any LA they might already have.

Q: How will hit points work?
A: All HD are maximum

Q: I like Vow of Poverty, but most Exalted feats suck. Can you do anything for me?
A: I'll make you a deal, if it's a feat from the Book of Exalted Deeds, you can take it as an Exalted Feat. I know that doesn't open up too many more options, but it's better than nothing.

Q: What is the tournament battlefield like?
A: The tournament battlefield will contain elements such as high ground, cover, concealment, difficult terrain, and other.

Q: What if I get knocked out of the tournament? Is it all over for my character?
A: Of course not! Depending on how many applicants we have, I might run a separate adventure for some of the more prolific applicants who didn't make it through the tournament. Alternatively, your character could become a replacement if we lose one of the other characters in the game.

Q: Are you using psionic/magic transparency?
A: For the sake of simplicity, we'll say yes.

This Q&A will be updated as questions are asked. Check back frequently!

Game Description:

It is a dark time for the monasteries on the Dark Continent. Where once there were thousands of applicants and Devotees of the Martial Arts, now there are only dilapidated temples and crumbling monasteries. During the past twenty years, most of the monks on the continent were slain, not by any specific entity or faction, but by inexperience, and a lack of ability required to face their much-more-powerful foes. The grand elders of the dozen or so temples that are left have called all the remaining practitioners back to the Zhao Shu Temple to engage in something spectacular. All who come will participate in a Martial Arts tournament like the world has not seen in a thousand years. Those who survive will be given some sort of great task, one that is unknown to all. But it is promised to be very dangerous, and very lucrative. Only the best will be accepted.

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So simply wearing a Monk's Belt means everyone can automatically meet the 1d8 unarmed strike requirement. Was that your intention?

Will Unarmed Swordsage levels stack with Monk levels for purposes of unarmed strike damage?

And are you waiving the Lawful requirement?

Well, Monk's Belt isn't scaling, so you'll need to keep your unarmed damage up in other ways (prestige classes, superior unarmed strike, or just the good ol' fashioned monk class). Unarmed Swordsage Levels will stack, yes. The Lawful Requirement is waived.

Are you allowing LA buyoff?

If we leave the monk class can we later re-enter it? Or are you keeping the usual restriction on monk multi-classing?

Does the level of monk have to be our first level? Last level? Wherever we want it?

LA Buyoff is Allowed, but only AFTER character creation. The monk class has it's multi-classing penalties removed. Your required level in monk can be taken anytime before level 11. That is, 10 and below.

I'm assuming we can have a pretty fair free hand with setting information; a wide variety of monastic styles and disciplines.

Also, I saw that lawful alignment requirements are waived; do you have other preferences? Good, evil, etc?

How much time will there be between fights (ie, for spell replenishment, healing, that sort of thing)?

There will be a one hour break between battles. Plenty of time to get healed up. Your character will fight a maximum of twice times in one day.

Tempting. Tashalatora and Ardents allowed?

Incarnum okaY?



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